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Gaining a coveted position at Apple does not need to be nerve-wracking or intimidating. JobTestPrep offers dozens of assessment and interview preparation materials with your success in mind. We provide you with tools and tips to help you along the way during the Apple recruitment process.

Available Positions at Apple 

Apple recruits job candidates for three distinct areas within the company: Corporate, Apple Store, At Home Advisor. The recruitment process for each of the positions offered by Apple are generally the same but may differ depending on your particular job level. Regardless of where your qualifications and strengths may lie, you are sure to find a suitable position to apply for within the company:

Corporate Sector:

  • Hardware Software Engineering, Operations, Information, Systems Technology.
  • Human Resources, Administrative roles, Real Estate Development.
  • Marketing, Design, Merchandising, Product Management, Legal.
  • Customer Service Support, Sales.

Apple Store:

  • Sales Opportunities: Specialist Expert Level Sales, Operations Expert, Business Expert
  • Customer Support Opportunities: Genius, Creative, Technical Specialist
  • Leadership Opportunities: Manager, Senior Manager, Store Leader, Business Leader, Market Leader, Apple Store Leader Programme.

At-Home Advisor roles:

  • At-Home Advisor, At-Home Team Manager, At-Home Area Manager

Apple Recruitment Process

Apple’s pre-employment assessment starts with an online application. You are welcome to upload your CV and a cover letter to the company’s website. The application process for positions at Apple is competitive and selective and comprises many different types of interviews.

After your documents have been screened, you will be invited for a phone interview with a Human Resources manager. You will be asked questions about your education, working history, and career goals. If you come through this, you will be invited to attend the Apple assessment centre where you will face a variety of tasks and additional interviews. 


Prepare For Your Apple Interview and Assessments

JobTestPrep wants to help you land the job you're after with Apple. To achieve this aim, we have created this pack in order to give you the help you need to get through the hiring process. Practising with our resources will open you the door to a successful career with the company.


Come Prepared

Getting that Apple job can be a challenge but with the right preparation for the assessments and interviews coming your way, you're sure to get yourself the spot. Remember to show off the competencies at every turn and let assessors know that you are the best candidate for the job. We look forward to having you on board.


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