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About Acando PrepPacks™

During the recruitment process, you'll be asked to take a number of different Acando tests. You are asked to complete these tests online. These tests are in general provided by Cut-e. To successfully move on to the next stage of the hiring process, utilise JobTestPrep's comprehensive preparation packages to give yourself the best chance of success.

Acando Cut-e Style Scales Numerical Reasoning Tests

The Cut-e numerical reasoning test assesses how well candidates retrieve information and draw logical conclusions from numerical data presented in tables and charts. The information is organised in six tabs. Each tab contains a single table or chart, and only one tab is available at a time. Each question presents a statement referring to one of the tabs. Your task is to select the relevant tab, review its contents, and decide whether the statement is true, false, or perhaps the provided information is insufficient to decide either way. Altogether there are 37 statements to be evaluated in 12 minutes, so the time limit is also a factor. In order to succeed in this test, you need to be efficient. Becoming used to scanning through the tabs and evaluating the statements, in addition to rehearsing basic arithmetic, is very important in order to do well in this test. Our practice material provide all this help to improve your skills as you prepare.

Acando Cut-e Style Scales Verbal Reasoning Tests

Cut-e's verbal reasoning tests measure understanding and analysis of complex verbal information. Most verbal reasoning tests present one long passage at a time, whereas in this test you are required to handle multiple shorter passages simultaneously. Each passage is displayed in a separate sheet so that only one passage is visible at a given moment. The questions are statements you need to evaluate based on the relevant passage. A statement can be true, false, or the provided information is insufficient to arrive at a firm conclusion. To make that decision, you need not only draw precise conclusions from the text, but also figure out which sheet contains the relevant information for that particular statement. There are 12 minutes to evaluate 49 statements in total, so time is another important factor. Common verbal reasoning practice questions focus on the standard verbal abilities, but they cannot adequately prepare for the other elements included in this test. Our practice pack will help you improve the necessary skills to handle this unique successfully.

Acando Cut-e Style Scales ix (Discovering Rules) Tests

Cut-e (Aon)’s Discovering Rules test (also known as scales ix) is a figural reasoning test aimed at measuring logical thinking ability, and in particular – the ability to discover rules. Each question consists of a row of nine objects. The task is to select the one object that does not fit the rule of all other objects. The test allows five minutes to answer 20 questions. This is a challenge, as the rules and objects change from question to question. Preparing for this test can really be the key to success, as it eliminates the element of surprise and strengthens necessary non-verbal skills.

Acando Cut-e Style Scales cls (Discover Rules and Interrelations) Tests

Cut-e 's scales cls test looks at the candidates ability to recognize patterns and interrelations between objects. Each task screen presents six tables containing numbers and letters. The tables are divided into two groups, so the numbers and letters in each group follow a certain rule or set of rules. Each table is marked by a colour according to the group it belongs to: orange (above the table) or blue (below the table). At the bottom of the test screen there are four additional tables with numbers and letters. The task is to decide which group each of these tables belongs to. The test comprises 12 tasks in total and has a time limit of 12 minutes. Answering as many questions correctly requires being familiar with common rules and being used to perform this task quickly and efficiently. Practising similar questions will provide the skills to do this well, which will give you an advantage when you take the real test.


Practice for the High-Tech Industry Assessment Tests

JobTestPrep wants to help job seekers get employed. To achieve this aim, we have created a large number of tests most often used by employers as a part of their hiring processes. Our tests will sharpen your different cognitive abilities and improve your professional skills so well that you will pass your tests with ease, even though they may contain new tasks and exercises. JobTestPrep's generic packs of tests also include detailed study guides and answer keys to allow you to locate your weak points and redouble your efforts to eliminate them. Practicing with our resources will open you the door to a successful career at the company.


Acando Interview

If you manage to successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to a Acando interview. This interview usually lasts about 45 minutes. Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process, but preparation is key to helping you stay calm and focused. With the help of our Interview PrepPack™, you can ensure a stellar performance during your interview.

Acando Assessment Centre

The Acando assessment day is either a half day or full day event, depending on the role you have applied for. Your invitation to the assessment centre will list the types of activities you will have to complete as part of the day. These can be presentations, role-plays, interviews, case studies, and aptitude tests. Besides for the actual assessment you will also have the chance to meet employees of the company and assess the company culture. You can learn about what you can expect as an employee and the values of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions by Acando Candidates

Should I Choose "Strongly Agree/Disagree" or "Agree/Disagree in the Acando Personality Tests?"

There are different kinds of questions found on personality assessment tests. When given a statement with extreme statements such as "always" and "never," you should answer them with less extreme answers such as "agree" and "not strongly agree." However, there are times during a personality test in which you should choose "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree." You should choose "strongly agree" when the following types of questions are asked:

    • Most people are honest by nature.
    • Most people can be trusted.
    • Very few people steal at work.
    • I cannot remember the last time I lost my temper at work.
    • I rarely worry about how well I'm doing at my job.

You should choose strongly disagree when asked the following types of questions:

  • It is human nature to steal from others.
  • Most people cannot be trusted.
  • Sometimes my co-workers annoy me.
  • I sometimes worry about losing my job because of office politics.
  • Sometimes I don't feel able to handle all my work responsibilities.

How to Select the Correct Response in My Acando SJT?

Read each of the given scenarios and each possible response carefully before answering. Though one answer choice may seem appropriate, there may be another one which is more sensible. If the question asks you to rank the responses, compare them to each other. However, keep in mind that all the responses may be effective, or they may all be ineffective - your task is to rank the responses, not decide if they are right or wrong.

What Should I do to Prepare for My Interview with Acando?

Learn about Acando and your desired position from its website and additional official sources, such as LinkedIn, blogs, and press releases. Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in what the company does. Focus on the key competencies that you are being tested on, and practice with our unique preparation pack to get familiar with common interview questions and to gain important knowledge and tips.

Should I Come Prepared for Acando Tests?

JobTestPrep is dedicated to offering high-quality services to prepare you for your upcoming online aptitude tests and interviews. Start practicing now with our numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests and improve your chances of being selected to work at Acando.

How Long does Acando Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process depends on the number of tasks you have to fulfil. Typically, there are hundreds, if not thousands of candidates are applying for the same job. Whilst most of them are filtered out through the use of online tests, that still leaves many who have to go through face to face assessments and interviews. We can make some generalisations though. Online tests and automatic application screening typically takes no more than a week. However, you will only know if you have gotten through to the next stage of the application process once the job posting has been closed. The company will normally take a further month to come up with a shortlist of candidates who should attend interviews and assessment centres. These assessment centres usually take place in the first three months of the year and you get the results typically about a week or two afterwards. We can, therefore, say that the entire process can take up to six months.

How should I Conduct Myself in Acando Group Exercise?

Many applicants have a genuine difficulty showing an adequate level of involvement in the group exercise in the assessment centre and demonstrating their skills in an optimal manner. Some tend to be overly dominant and loud fearing that otherwise they may not be heard and valued. Others are introverted and quiet, fearing that their contribution may not be significant enough in comparison to others. You have to find a balance that not only suits your character but also that of the employers. For further tips see our PrepPack™.


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