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About Young & Rubicam PrepPacks™

Succeeding in the Young & Rubicam recruitment process can be a real challenge. With the help of JobTestPrep's preparation packs, you can greatly improve your skills and increase the chances of getting that long-awaited Young & Rubicam job offer. We offer packs to help candidates succeed in the Young & Rubicam recruitment process.

Young & Rubicam CEB SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Online Test

In this entrance exam, you will encounter numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, followed by multiple-choice questions relating to them. Answering the questions often requires you to show basic math aptitude and to perform calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions.

Young & Rubicam CEB SHL-Style Verbal Reasoning Online Test

For the CEB SHL verbal test, you will read short passages of text and answer questions relating to each passage. Each question will require you to quickly evaluate whether a statement is true, false, or indeterminable based on the text.

Young & Rubicam Personality Tests

Being consistent is very important when taking a personality assessment test for your Young & Rubicam career. On personality tests, you may be asked similar questions that are worded differently. If you answer these similar questions differently, it will be reflected in your results. For instance, it could appear to assessors as if you did not answer both questions completely honestly, which may result in you not getting the job. However, being consistent is not something you need to focus on, as it is not measured. It is a problem only if you significantly contradict yourself; for example, answering "agree" to "I'm never late" and "I have a tendency to be late to some meeting." At times during the test, you may encounter similar statements but not agree or disagree with all of them; in this case, it is fine to answer differently. For example, answering "agree" to both "I prefer working with people rather than working alone" and "Sometimes, I need some alone time."


Practice for Your Young & Rubicam Aptitude Tests

JobTestPrep has included into its carefully constructed preparation pack tests and drills that are similar to the ones you will encounter during your hiring process at the company. Our tests may depart from the company's ones in few respects, but they share the same concepts and question types and measure the same cognitive abilities and professional skills. JobTestPrep's drills and tests are timed and can help you improve your time record, if you keep running out of time, while practicing. Our answer keys and detailed study guides will allow you to track your progress and eliminate your weaknesses, thereby ensuring that you pass your entrance exam without trouble and get a step closer to landing the job you seek.


Young & Rubicam Recruitment Process

To successfully receive an offer from Young & Rubicam, you must pass all stages of Young & Rubicam's hiring process. After making sure your CV clearly demonstrates your relevance to the SHL, you should submit your application. This will start the application process. You will be invited to participate in some or all the stages of the hiring process. These include interviews and assessment tests and finally, an assessment centre. Each of the hiring process stages is explained in more detail below.

Young & Rubicam Application Process

Together with submitting your resume and cover letter, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire, when you apply for the position. The questionnaire seeks to collect some demographic information about job applicants. You will also encounter questions about your working visa status, education, working history, and disability, among others. You will need to provide personal contact details as well. If your documents satisfy the expectations of the company's recruiters and management, you will be invited for a phone interview, in which a Human Resources manager will tell you about the SHL for which you applied.

Young & Rubicam CEB SHL Online Tests

Young & Rubicam aims to provide only exceptional services to its clients and thus exercises selective recruitment. Its hiring process is diverse, difficult, and consists of different tests and interviews.

Young & Rubicam Interview

Whether it's a phone, video, one-on-one, or panel interview, JobTestPrep can help you prepare for your interview with Young & Rubicam. Our interview resources include hundreds of interview questions, designed for specific job tests, and study guides. Gain the edge over the competition and ensure a successful interview by practicing today!

Young & Rubicam In-person Interview

If you were scheduled for a face to face interview, chances are likely it will be a competency-based interview. This type of interview assesses your skills against the Young & Rubicam values and the requirements of the job for which you are applying. Ahead of the interview, prepare by thinking up as many examples as you can for each required skill. Read up on Young & Rubicam and the area to which you are applying. Draft answers to common questions, and then rehearse answering them.

Young & Rubicam Phone Interview

If you are successful during the online testing stage, your next assessment is the Young & Rubicam telephone interview. This interview is scheduled to last between 30 minutes and one hour. The Young & Rubicam phone interview is mainly competency-based and focuses on assessing you against the key competencies valued at the company. You will be asked about your background and then the interview will move onto the competency questions.

Young & Rubicam Assessment Centre

The Young & Rubicam assessment day consists of various types of activities all designed to evaluate how you work individually and as part of a team. The recruiter will inform you beforehand about the specific types of activities you will encounter in the assessment centre and if there is any preparation you should do. The types of tasks you should be prepared for are interviews, aptitude tests, group exercises, case studies, and role- plays.

Frequently Asked Questions by Young & Rubicam Candidates

What Is the Purpose of Young & Rubicam's Aptitude Tests?

Many employers use aptitude tests as part of the hiring process because they provide employers with the opportunity to gain insight about your intellectual skills, work compatibility, and cooperation and interaction with others. Therefore, preparation for these tests is essential to get one step closer to the job you desire.

What Is the Young & Rubicam Telephone Interview?

This is often a preliminary interview. These questions are essentially competency questions, and the interviewers are looking for you to provide examples of where you have displayed these competencies in the past. The STAR method will help you organise your answers. See JobTestPrep's STAR method pages to find out more about how to answer in this way. The telephone interview has some advantages over a regular interview - you can wear comfortable clothing, and keep your answers written out in front of you, but it can also contain the same pressure as an interview when it comes to answering questions.

What Should I Emphasize during My Young & Rubicam Interview?

Typically you should emphasize why you are the correct choice for the job. You should bring in good examples from past experiences to show that you have the skills needed to succeed. Use the STAR method: to answer questions as this provides a complete picture and is an engaging way to answer.

What Is Young & Rubicam Hiring Process Like?

Young & Rubicam hiring processes follow similar patterns for each type of recruitment, but the exercises you will encounter depend on the level you are applying to. There are also some differences at each level between technical recruitment and business roles. You can be requested to interviews, to complete aptitude tests, and to attend an assessment centre.


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