Practise the Kantar Interview and Assessment Centre

This PrepPack™ offers numerical, verbal and personality tests, as well as assessments centre exercises, interview preparation, drills, guides and tutorials.

Prepare for Kantar

The offered practice materials were developed in order to enable job candidates to prepare for their pre-employment assessment. To help applicants get a wished-for position, the comprehensive PrepPack™ tests accurately approximate the Kantar’s official tests and contain tasks and questions that they will, most probably, meet on their examination. Aiming to make your learning process even more productive, different drills and reader-friendly study guides were added to the resources. They will enable you to track your progress and eliminate your weak points before you come to your assessment at the Kantar. Avail yourself of an opportunity to improve your knowledge of the subject with the resources and prove to your recruiters that you can be trusted with the most difficult tasks and operations.

Kantar Online Tests

The Kantar hiring process requires its candidates to sit one or more aptitude tests. The most common type of assessment you will encounter as part of the Kantar recruitment process is the Kantar numerical test. It is important to get ready for this test, as it is not only challenging because of the numerical exercise, but also due to its time limit. Familiarising yourself with the style of tasks you can encounter improves your performance. Start practising with those practice resources today.


Kantar Interview Process

The Kantar interview process will begin with a filtering phone call, to see if there's a match (at least on paper). Upon passing that stage and usually preliminary pre-hiring tests, you will then be invited to one or more face to face interviews with employees from the HR department all the way up through the hiring managers and beyond (depending on the seniority of the position). The various stages will aim to find out your availability, salary expectations, personality and knowhow.

Kantar Assessment Centre Preparation

The Kantar recruitment process involves an assessment centre, which is a place where the thorough evaluation of Kantar job candidates’ cognitive abilities and suitability for the job is conducted. Among personal and professional qualities that are measured during an assessment, the event is about leadership, adaptability, quick thinking, problem-solving and abilities to communicate well with others and work productively in teams. To evaluate these qualities most precisely, employers ask applicants to participate in activities such as oral presentation of a specific topic, group exercise, case studies, role-playing and simulation exercises. There are also such individual tasks that job candidates are required to perform as taking tests and conversing with potential employers. By inviting applicants to participate in these different activities, employers at the Assessment Centre hope to conduct more thorough measurement of their professional traits than they usually do just by asking them to take a test and have an interview. The assessment event lasts one full day or, in some cases, two days and is rounded off by an interview with employers who may offer a job position to successful candidates.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

No consideration is given to how many questions on the Verbal Reasoning Test applicants answer correctly when their final score is counted. Rather, their final scores are calculated in relation to the scores of other candidates vying for similar positions. This means that even if your objectively measured raw score is high, it still may be considered low when measured against the scores of other test takers. If you answered 92% of answers on the Verbal Reasoning Test correctly and the majority of other applicants got 94% of them right, your score will not be enough to recommend you for the applied position. It is crucial, therefore, to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning Test before you go to your pre-employment assessment. Study with the PrepPack™'s resources and outperform other applicants for the position.

What Is the Kantar Personality Test?

The Personality Test was designed to evaluate job candidates’ general aptitude for an applied position. Employers want to make sure their potential employees will be the right fit for their organization. They also want to predict that their prospective co-workers will not manifest counterproductive behaviours such as pilfering, time-wasting, or gossiping. To ensure they weed out potentially undesirable candidates, employers ask job candidates to take the Personality Test. Based on applicants’ answers, employers build their individual personality profiles and make hiring decisions in favour of candidates with the most pleasant character.

Why Are Situational Judgement Tests a Popular Assessment Tool?

The tests aid companies, employers and organisations in evaluating their candidate's cognitive abilities and behavioural tendencies in relation to daily work-related situations. Throughout the course of the exam, you will be presented with real work-related scenarios and need to find quick and hardened solutions. This is your chance to show Kantar that you have what it takes to lead and make decisions in real time.

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