Prepare for Your Kantar Recruitment Process & Interview

The Kantar Assessment, which employs the Arctic Shores test, is designed to evaluate candidates through innovative and engaging game-based assessments. Understanding the unique nature of these assessments, we've developed an exceptional preparation course specifically tailored to the Arctic Shores games used by Kantar.

Our prep course stands out due to its highly interactive and gamified approach, closely mirroring the actual Arctic Shores test environment. Here's what our course offers:

  • Gamified Prep Experience: Engaging simulations that mirror the Arctic Shores test environment, making preparation both enjoyable and familiar. This approach helps reduce test anxiety and improve overall performance by familiarizing you with the game formats and challenges.
  • Comprehensive Game Simulations: Detailed replicas of the Arctic Shores games are included, focusing on a variety of skills such as cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and decision-making. These simulations are crafted to closely reflect the challenges presented in the actual Kantar Assessment, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.
  • Targeted Practice Areas: The course identifies your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the most crucial aspects. This targeted approach ensures that your preparation is efficient and effective, maximizing your potential for success in the assessment.
  • Strategic Guides and Tips: In addition to practical exercises, the course offers strategic advice on how to approach each game. These tips are designed to improve your problem-solving abilities, enhance your reaction times, and boost your overall performance in the assessment.

This comprehensive prep course is designed to give you a competitive edge in the Kantar Assessment, preparing you not just for the test but for showcasing your true potential to employers.

Kantar Tests
  • Energy (Power Generator) Game
  • Direction (Arrows) Game
  • Balloons Game
  • Patterns Game (Guide Included)
  • Analysis Game
  • Team Sales Game
  • Tile Sequences Game
  • Tickets Game
  • Expression Game

Note: The Pattern and Analysis games are optional and will not always appear on the actual assessment.


What is the Kantar Assessment?

Kantar Assessment is an innovative, game-based evaluation tool designed to measure a candidate's potential, cognitive abilities, and behavioral traits in an engaging and non-traditional manner.

Unlike conventional assessments, Kantar leverages the power of interactive games developed by Arctic Shores to provide insights into a candidate's strengths and areas for development. This approach not only offers a more enjoyable experience for participants but also allows employers to gain a deeper understanding of their workforce's capabilities and potential, supporting more informed hiring and development decisions.

The Kantar Assessment Test-Structure

Kantar employs the Arctic Shores Assessment to evaluate its candidates. This test comprises 10 gamified assessments designed to gauge cognitive and behavioral skills in an unbiased environment. The assessment includes games such as the Power Generator Game, the Team Sales Game, and the Tickets Game.

Although the games appear straightforward, they are engineered to evaluate various characteristics. Understanding the specific skills each game measures and the behaviors anticipated from participants is essential for performing well in the assessment.

Game-based assessments are a relatively new type of psychometric assessment. While traditional assessments measure cognitive abilities such as logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and personality traits through self-report questionnaires and aptitude tests, game-based assessments evaluate these capabilities as more nuanced and dynamic, devoid of clear-cut right or wrong answers. This approach enables candidates to become more involved and allows employers to facilitate less stressful recruitment processes.

If you're interested in other gamified assessments, read about the Aon smartPredict, Pymetrics, and the Cognify Test.

Arctic Shores Test Guide

The Tile Sequence Game

The game involves a board filled with tiles, each bearing an icon. These icons will illuminate in a specific sequence, which you are tasked with memorizing and then replicating by clicking the tiles in the same order. The game concludes after two consecutive mistakes.

The twist is that the game adjusts to your performance; with each successful round, the sequence becomes longer and more challenging to replicate. Eventually, a new type of icon will be introduced as a diversion, which you must disregard.

The traits being assessed include:

- Memory
- The ability to balance instinctive reactions with deliberate actions
- The speed and effectiveness of your responses to new information

To excel in this task, two key strategies are crucial: having a keen short-term memory and understanding the sequence patterns.

Alt -Arctic Shores Tile Sequence Game Example

The Energy (Power Generator) Game

In this particular Arctic Shores game, you are tasked with operating a power generator. Your objective is to generate power by pressing buttons. The game concludes after a set number of clicks.

The challenge lies in the dual nature of the generators; each click has the potential to either increase the power stored or delete it. This means that with every click, there's a risk of losing power instead of generating it.

The traits evaluated in this game include:

- The capacity to learn and adapt
- The tendency to act on impulse
- Willingness to take risks
- The ability to recognize patterns

To optimize power production, it's essential to master the ability to discern the underlying rules and patterns governing each generator's behavior.

Arctic Shores Power Generaor Game Example

The Direction (Arrows) Game

In this game, you're presented with three rows of arrows and your task is to accurately identify the direction (right or left) in which the central arrow is pointing, across 80 rounds. This type of game is a standard psychological task, similar to those found in the Pymetrics Games test.

The complexity comes from the surrounding arrows, which may point in the opposite direction or change shape to divert your attention. As you progress, the arrows will be displayed more rapidly, and any premature or delayed press is counted as a mistake.

The game aims to measure several traits:

- Focus: Your ability to concentrate on the central arrow despite distractions.
- Attention: Your capability to maintain continuous awareness throughout the game.
- Problem-solving: Your skill in quickly and accurately determining the direction of the middle arrow under changing conditions.

Preparation for this game revolves around honing your focus, attention, and ability to resist distractions in a high-pressure setting. Regular practice of these skills is the best approach to prepare for this task.

Arctic Shores Arrow Game Example

The Team Sales Game

In this game, you are placed in a scenario where your team and a competing team have both released identical products. Your responsibility is to decide whether to set the price of your team's product high or low, over the course of 12 rounds.

The twist in this game is that the success of your pricing strategy is interlinked with the pricing decisions made by the opposing team.

The game is designed to assess several key traits:

- Decision-making: Your ability to make strategic choices under uncertain conditions.
- Risk-taking ability: Your willingness to adopt potentially high-reward strategies that also come with higher risks.
- Learning ability: Your capacity to adapt and improve your strategy based on previous outcomes.
- Fairness: How your pricing decisions balance competitiveness with ethical considerations.
- Teamwork: Your ability to consider the collective interests and strategies of your team in your decision-making process.

To prepare for this game, it's important to have a thorough understanding of the game's rules and the dynamics of teamwork. Being well-versed in these areas will help you to make informed decisions that could maximize your team's rewards.

Arctic Shores Team Selling Game Example

The Tickets Game

In this Arctic Shores task, you will encounter two boxes each displaying tickets with fluctuating numbers. Your objective is to sequence these tickets correctly across 80 rounds.

The complexity arises from the distinct sorting rules applied to each box. Initially, these rules are disclosed during gameplay, but as you progress, they will no longer be explicitly provided. Additionally, the task is time-sensitive, making premature or delayed actions erroneous.

The key traits assessed in this game include:

- Focus: Your ability to concentrate on the task at hand amidst changing conditions.
- Attention: Your capability to keep track of multiple elements simultaneously.
- Cognitive processing: Your efficiency in understanding and applying the sorting rules as they change.

To prepare for this challenge, engaging in a practice simulation of the game is advisable. Such preparation can help acclimate you to the high-pressure environment of the task, enabling you to perform optimally with minimal mistakes.

Arctic Shores Tickets Game Example

The Balloon Game

In this game, you're presented with a task involving a balloon that you pump up to exchange for money. At any moment, you have the option to collect your earnings and proceed to the next balloon, with the goal of maximizing your total earnings across 45 rounds. This game may be familiar to many as it resembles the Pymetrics Balloon Game.

The twist in this game is that with each pump, there's a risk the balloon could burst. If the balloon explodes, you lose any uncollected money for that round and move on to the next balloon.

The game assesses several key traits:

- Pattern recognition: Your ability to identify any underlying patterns that determine when balloons are likely to burst.
- Risk-taking ability: Your willingness to continue pumping the balloon for more money, knowing it could burst.
- Motivation by reward: How potential gains influence your decision-making process.
- Drive: Your overall ambition to achieve high scores through strategic risk-taking.

For preparation, it's crucial to understand that the balloon explosions follow certain patterns rather than occurring at random. Mastering this game involves learning to recognize these patterns and applying this knowledge while playing to make informed decisions on when to stop pumping and collect your money.

Arctic Shores Balloon Game Example

Start Your Recruitment Process Prepared

Arctic Shores tests are not your traditional psychometric assessments. They identify and challenge cognitive abilities you may not have been aware of.

It is common for candidates to feel that they could have shown more skill had they known what they were getting into before taking a game-based assessment. To prepare for each Arctic Shore game except one, we created the Arctic Shores PrepPack.

The Face Game

In this game, you'll be shown images of faces exhibiting various expressions, and your task is to correctly identify the emotion being displayed from a choice of seven possible expressions, over 50 rounds.

The challenge lies in the deliberate ambiguity of some expressions and instances where the correct emotion might not be among the options provided.

This game evaluates important traits such as:

- Emotional intelligence: Your ability to accurately read and interpret the emotional states of others based on facial cues.
- Workplace intelligence: Your capability to understand and navigate the emotional aspects of workplace interactions.

To prepare for this part of the Arctic Shores tests, it's crucial not to underestimate the difficulty. Despite appearing straightforward and intuitive, games assessing emotional intelligence can be quite challenging. Achieving a high score requires paying close attention to every detail of the facial features presented.

Arctic Shores Face Game Example

The Security Door Game

In this game, you'll be faced with a code lock challenge. Your objective is to create the lock's passcode by halting the rotating area at the specified number. The game comprises 20 rounds, and you have the flexibility to exit the game at any point to move on to the next challenge.

The twist in this game is that the speed of rotation varies with each round, and any error will cause the lock to reset.

The key traits being assessed in this game are:

- Reaction time: Your ability to quickly respond to changing speeds and stop the rotation at the correct moment.
- Focus: Your capacity to maintain concentration on the task, despite the increasing challenge of varying speeds.

To prepare effectively for this task, it's essential to hone your ability to concentrate fully, react swiftly, and adapt to changing patterns in quick succession. Practicing these skills will be crucial in enhancing your performance in this game.

Arctic Shores Security Test

The Pattern Game

In this game, you'll encounter a sequence of squares, each filled with various geometric shapes. Your task is to decipher the pattern and identify the next sequence in the series. The game consists of 20 rounds, which need to be completed within 17 minutes. It's important to note that this particular game may not always be included in the Arctic Shores assessments.

The challenge here is that the pattern could involve any aspect of the squares' transformation from one to the next – this could include changes in the number of shapes, their positions, sizes, colors, or even the direction they seem to be moving.

The traits being evaluated through this game include:

- Pattern recognition: Your ability to discern and predict the sequence of changes among the shapes.
- Information processing: How efficiently you can interpret and act on the information presented in each square.
- Speed processing: Your capacity to quickly understand and respond to the patterns.
- Logical reasoning: The use of deductive thinking to solve the sequences.
- Spatial reasoning: Understanding how objects are organized in space and how they interact.

To prepare for this game, it's beneficial to expose yourself to various types of sequences and patterns, as the rules that determine the progression from one square to the next can change with each new question. Familiarizing yourself with a broad range of potential rules and patterns can greatly aid in enhancing your adaptability and performance in this task.

arctic shores pattern game

The Analysis Game

In this task, which diverges from the typical game-based format, you're presented with a traditional multiple-choice test centered around data interpretation. You'll be given datasets that include tables and charts, and your task is to answer questions based on the information provided. The task is time-constrained, with an 18-minute limit, allocating roughly one minute per question. It's important to note that this particular task may not be included in every Arctic Shores assessment.

The challenge lies in the complexity of the data, which may necessitate intricate calculations within a tight timeframe.

The key traits assessed in this task are:

- Information processing: Your ability to quickly assimilate, interpret, and apply information from tables and charts.
- Numerical reasoning: Your skill in understanding, manipulating, and working with numbers.

To prepare for this task, the most effective strategy is practice. Engaging in exercises that mimic the structure and demands of this task, especially those that involve complex numerical problems with time constraints, will enhance your proficiency and speed in data interpretation and numerical reasoning.

Arctic Shores Analysis Game Example