Virgin Media Assessment

Preparing for your upcoming Virgin Media screening, assessment and interview process can be a daunting task. JobTestPrep provides you with the necessary tools to successfully pass the Situational Judgement Test and Personality Tests among other assessment methods.

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Virgin Media Graduate Scheme

The Virgin Media Graduate Scheme allows you to meet new people, get real-world experience with competitive pay. You will experience multiple business roles over the course of 2 years in Marketing, Strategy, Commercial and Delivery. However, to get accepted to this grad scheme you must first be excepted by passing an intense process including tests.

Prepare for Virgin Media's Pre-Employment Tests

The Virgin Media hiring process will include a range of tests to ensure that you not only understand the technical side of the job, but have the temperament and personality to fit the position and company. Test will include: Personality, numerical and a Situational Judgement Tests among others. Virgin Media may utilize several of Saville branded numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning, or error checking tests.  It is paramount to prepare to succeed.

The company hiring process will generally involve four stages, including online situational judgement tests, phone interview, assessment center and finally an offer. You can expect the entire process to take around a month.

        • Virgin Media Situational judgement tests: This test will be based on verbal, numerical and diagrammatical reasoning.
        • Virgin Media Telephone Interview: The phone interview might also take place as a video interview as well. Be prepared to talk about salary expectations and confirm your CV.
        • Virgin Media Assessment Centre: The Assessment Centre might include over a dozen other competing job seekers, while including role play, group activities, online tests such as Saville and Personality inventories, and individual interviews.

Potential Virgin Media Questions and Answers

  • Q. Give me a 30 second elevator pitch.
  • A. Imagine that you are stuck in an elevator with a potential business partner, client or boss and you have 30 seconds to get their attention. During your sit-down interview at Virgin Media, the interviewer is really asking you to set yourself apart from all the other candidates is a clear and concise manner. Explain in a simple and yet sophisticated manner why you are the best for the position.
  • Q. Can you name some Virgin Media competitors?
  • A. Do you research by reading as much as you can. Websites like D&B Hoovers could provide great resources where you can compare Virgin Media to companies like BT Group, Cable &Wireless Worldwide Limited and Sky PLC. As you formulate your list, give of few examples of how these companies (and others) are giving Virgin Media a run for their money and maybe a few steps of how Virgin Media can better compete.
  • Q. Give an example of a solid marketing campaign?
  • A. A great resource for preparing for this question is HubSpot, which is filled with prime examples of marketing campaigns, which you can draw inspiration from. Remember to compare your sample campaigns to current Virgin Media campaigns?

In every question look how you can tie the answer back to Virgin Media to show that you not only understand the topic, but the culture and business goals of the company as well.