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Applying for one of the Sky jobs? Learn here about all the stages in the Sky hiring process, and how this PrepPack™ can help you prepare for the Sky assessments and interviews.

You have to take the Sky numerical reasoning test and a verbal reasoning test as well. Each of these tests are provided by SHL, one of the most popular testing companies in the UK. You may also be asked to take a variety of other SHL tests during your application. This is where this preparation package comes in. We provide:

Practice Simulations

  • Eliminate the element of surprise and get used to the test's difficulty level and fast pace using timed practice tests that simulate the actual questions.

Step-by-Step Explanations & Study Guides

  • Each question comes with a thorough explanation to show you the best solving method that is both simple and time-saving. Additionally, you'll get study guides to brush up on your math skills as there will be many questions that deal with algebra and arithmetic.
Sky Assessment Test Practice
  • 16 full-length SHL-style practice tests
  • 5 graduate SJT practice tests
  • 6 management SJT practice tests
  • 11 figural SHL-style next in series drills
  • 5 SHL-style checking drills
  • 20 study guides & video tutorials

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What are the Sky Online Assessment Tests?

If your application is progressed from the application form in Finance, Strategy, Marketing and Software Engineering Academy only, you are invited to sit an online test. Which ones you do will depend on the programme you applied to. The Software Engineering Academy has a Sky specific coding task but the other business programmes use tests designed by SHL.

Practising for all tests is important so that you can be put through to the next stage. We have created practice packs specifically aimed at SHL-style tests. See here for more information about our packs. For some free sample questions, please check out our main SHL page>>

Sky SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

In the verbal reasoning test, Sky is looking to see how fast you can understand, process and analyse verbal information. The test consists of 30 questions based on several passages of writing, to be answered in under 20 minutes. You have to evaluate the truthfulness of the statements based on the information in the passage. Verbal reasoning tests require you to show the skills that you can quickly process information and then answer questions on it, all under time pressure.

Practice is the key to getting a good score on these tests, and our SHL-style verbal reasoning practice packs are on hand to help you do just that. 

Sky SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to analyse and interpret numerical data. Information is provided on graphs and tables, for you to answer questions based on this data. There are usually 18 questions to answer in 17 to 25 minutes depending on the difficulty of the test. You may use a calculator in these tests, which can bring its own challenges. Our guide to using calculators in tests can help.

In addition, we have created SHL-style numerical reasoning practice packs. See how these can help you prepare effectively for the test.

Sky SHL Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning tests examine your logical thinking without using words or numbers. Instead, they use images, in which you need to identify the pattern in order to pick out the next shape in the sequence. Our SHL-style logical reasoning practice packs can give you tips on how to recognise patterns and get the right answers on a test.

Sky Situational Strength Test

The Situational Strengths test (SST) is a type of job simulation designed for employers to assess candidates’ strengths and skills which are deemed as important for the role being applied for. The scenarios given on the test will be similar to the experiences employees may face in the workplace. The questions posed on the exam represent situations which appeal to different strengths so that applicants are evaluated on several aspects of their skill set.

Like the situational judgment test (SJT), the results portray applicants' behavioural traits and capabilities for the job position.

Sky Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will contain slightly different questions and tests depending on the programme you are applying to, but the basic structure is the same.

Sky Competency Framework

Sky have a core set of behaviours they look for in applicants and the people who work with them. You are expected to demonstrate that you have these skills throughout the entire graduate recruitment process in order to be considered for a job.

  • Clear direction – everyone in the company knows what they are doing and why.
  • Change and improvement – always looking for a better way to do something.
  • Feedback and development – learning from our experiences and from feedback to move forward.
  • Collaboration and teamwork – good team working skills are essential at Sky. The aim is to work together to achieve more.
  • Empowerment – trust in each other to do their very best.
  • Do the right thing – acting with integrity is vital in keeping the trust and respect of customers and colleagues.

Sky Telephone Interview

If you are successful in the early stages, you are next invited to a telephone interview. This interview is short, around 20 minutes, and is a conversation about why you want to work with Sky, and why you have chosen your particular track. The interview will ask similar questions to those on the application form but asked in a different way. Sky’s Finance programme completes the interview over Skype but the content of the interview and format remains the same. 

Don’t forget to have your application form, CV, any questions you want to ask, and a notepad and pen in front of you when you sit down to take the call. They will focus on topics such as teamwork; creative solutions; working under pressure; working with customers. A particular emphasis in the interview will be your problem-solving skills.

Sky Face-to-Face Interview

Candidates may face-to-face (or in-person) interviews which may be conducted by up to two employers in a formal setting.

The sky is looking for you to give examples of when you have displayed the behaviours they are looking for. Prepare some examples ahead of the interview, and don’t forget to use the STAR method to do this.

For more information about the STAR method, see our STAR interviews information page. The best way to prepare for an interview is to actually have one with a trained assessor who not only provides you with a mock interview but also with important feedback, therefore, helping you to improve your performance.

It’s essential to have done lots of research that is recent and up-to-date as questions will be about your understanding of Sky products and services and upcoming priorities they’re likely to face.

Sky Interview Questions

Some of the questions asked at Sky interviews include: 

  • What recent Sky innovations have stood out to you?
  • Talk me through the thinking behind the most recent Sky advert?
  • Give me an example of a time you worked well in a team, what made the work successful, and what was your role in the team?
  • How do you prioritise your workload and adjust to meet deadlines?
  • Tell me about a time when you made a mistake - how did you rectify it?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to come up with a creative solution - how did you realise it, what was your role in making it happen, and to what extent is it still implemented?
  • Why is Sky compared to its competitors?
  • What are the major changes that Sky has undergone in the last few years?
  • Give an example of teamwork.
  • Give an example of taking responsibility.

Sky Assessment Centre

The next stage for successful applicants to this point is the assessment centre at the Sky offices. The exact format of the day will vary depending on which programme you are applying to. The applicants who have already sat online tests may be asked to sit tests at the centre to verify the results you got the first time around. You will be notified nearer the time which ones you will have, but here is the complete list of possible activities:

  • Icebreaker activities
  • Group discussion exercise
  • Individual interview or interviews
  • Programme/ business specific exercise
  • The possibility of tests - you will be notified in advance, so you will know.

Group Discussion

The aim of the group exercise is to see how you interact with others and perform in a team. A team of five or six people is given a brief, usually a business scenario or something related to the work the team does, and asked to solve a problem related to the information.

During the group discussion, assessors will be watching to assess you in the context of the group. They are looking out for your contribution to the discussion, and the balance you find in talking without taking the group over. Getting this balance right can be difficult, so see our group exercises pages to find out how to prepare.


Depending on the stream you have applied to, you may have more than one interview, or have a different combination of questions. This interview is similar in terms of questions to the telephone interview, which can be both competency-based or biographical. Ahead of the assessment centre and interview, in particular, refresh your knowledge of the area you are applying to, remind yourself again of the information contained in your application form, and come prepared with questions you want to ask from the interviewer.

Preparation ahead of an interview is key to create a good impression and move forward for the position. We provide an interview preparation package which enables you to be interviewed, receive feedback, and get input on your overall performance.

Programme/ Business Specific Exercise

In this exercise, you will be tested specifically in the area you have applied to. The task will be based on the type of work you can expect to do if you work with Sky, and you are given all the information you need to complete this task on the day at the session. Some of the past exercises sat include a coding exercise for Software Engineering candidates or a case study exercise for business or technology track applicants. You’ll be briefed and provided all the information you need on the day itself as you won’t be able to prepare for this ahead of time beyond ensuring you’re up-to-date with your Sky product knowledge.

About Sky

Sky is a fun and popular place to work, and with six different programmes to apply for, there is a choice for a lot of people. Competition for the places available is fierce, and preparation is needed to ensure that you stay ahead of the pack at all stages.

We provide resources for preparing for each stage of the application process, and we have pointed out some of what is available. Applicants for apprenticeships, placements, work experience or other tracks will find the relevant sections of this article useful.

Sky Job Options

Jobs at Sky cover a variety of disciplines from programming and technology to finance and marketing. For graduates, Sky offers several graduate schemes under three streams: Business Programmes, Software Engineering Academy, and Technology. The application process for Sky graduates involves several testing stages, all of which will ask you to show you have a real understanding of what Sky do and a passion for the area you’re interested in joining.

Pass the Sky Tests and Assessment Centre

Passing the Sky recruitment process will mean participating in and passing several assessment tests and interviews. Our highly specialized PrepPacks™ were designed to give you an edge over the other Sky applicants with our many practice tests and interview preparation materials. Sign up today and get the job with Sky!