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Start Your Leonardo Recruitment Process

The hiring process entails several steps when candidates apply for both the Leonardo internship programs and full-time career positions. Find out about the steps involved and how you can practise:

Online Application: Candidates can submit an application form online along with their CV. It is also possible to apply through an employee referral or a recruiter.

Telephone Interview: It is common for applicants to receive a phone call from an HR recruiter to conduct the screening interview and discuss candidates’ experience and background.

Tests: Candidates may need to complete pre-employment tests online prior to being invited for an in-person interview. Entrance exams are used to measure applicants’ cognitive capabilities and behavioural traits more efficiently.

In-Person Interview: The interview stage may consist of more than one interview. Sessions may be conducted by one or more employers.

Assessment Centre: The Leonardo assessment centre occurs over the course of one day and includes group exercises used to detect the required traits needed for the career in question. Group interactions and performances help employers evaluate candidates’ behaviours and choose individuals who fit the position.

Leonardo’s CEB SHL Test Process

Applicants may be expected to take certain psychometric tests, such as various SHL aptitude exams when being assessed. CEB's SHL exams help employers choose which applicants perform well for their job level and position for which they apply for. CEB SHL tests display requirements needed in IT and computer support roles, technical and administrative jobs. These exams are given to graduates and managers alike. Such exams include Verify tests sent online and afterwards follows with supervised exams, either taking place at the assessment centre or the office.

Verify tests include numerical, verbal and reasoning aptitude tests. They examine various qualities, such as applicants’ comprehension of statistical and written information. Verify tests assess logical deduction abilities, which you can read more about on our dedicated deductive logical thinking test page. Another quality that is assessed is the candidate's reactions when dealing with unfamiliar and challenging situations. Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB) exams are given to assess applicants’ aptitude for the positions.

Begin Practising for Leonardo’s SHL Tests Today.

Leonardo Interview Process

Depending on the position being applied for, applicants may face several types of interview sessions. Possible available positions include graduate engineer, software engineer, project manager, and graduate systems engineer positions. Interview questions which may be posed include both behavioural and technical assessments.

Examples of Leonardo interview questions:

  • What's an example of a time you made a mistake on a project and how did you handle it?
  • What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Describe a time when you worked effectively with a team.
  • What differentiates you from other candidates?
  • What software/platforms have you used?
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