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About the Wipro PrepPack

The Wipro recruitment process requires you to complete several assessments and demonstrate why are you the best fit for the Wipro job. Our resources serve to prepare you for the challenges the Wipro hiring process holds for you. Start practising today to achieve your best performance at the Wipro tests.

Wipro Limited Psytech GRT-Style Reasoning Tests

The Psytech Graduate Reasoning Test or GRT1 as it is known is a combination of three different tests and is used in assessing high-level staff (e.g. managerial positions, system analysts, accountants, SMP’s, technical and scientific posts etc). The tests are designed to evaluate high-level reasoning skills thus gauging the mental ability of each candidate. The three tests are:

Verbal reasoning (VR1) – This test is used to evaluate high-level verbal abilities and thus measures vocabulary, verbal fluency and the candidate's proficiency using the English language.

Numerical reasoning (NR1) – In this test, the candidate will have to prove their numerical ability by using different concepts and use logical reasoning to recognize different mathematical relationships.

Abstract reasoning (AR1) – Commonly known as the purest form of mental ability, in the AR1 the candidate will be evaluated of the capacity to understand abstract logical problems. These tests are used to measure process mapping, creativity and abstract thinking levels.

Wipro Limited CEB SHL-Style Reasoning Tests

In those tests, you will encounter numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, and verbal information followed by multiple-choice questions relating to them. Answering the questions often requires you to show aptitude, speed, and understanding of the question.

Wipro Limited CEB SHL-Style OPQ32 Personality Test

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) assessment was designed to give organizations an understanding of how aspects of an individual's behavioural style will affect his or her performance at work.

Wipro Limited Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Tests depict realistic situations and conflicts which are likely to arise in the daily work routine and provide responses to resolution. Candidates are asked to choose, rate or rank-order these responses. SJTs assess desired competencies and skills.


Online Preparation for Wipro Tests

Be successful through the course of your pre-employment tests and company interviews – begin practising today with JobTestPrep and gain access to our comprehensive PrepPacks™!


How to Select the Correct Response in My Wipro Limited Situational Judgement Test?

Read each of the given scenarios and each possible response carefully before answering. Though one answer choice may seem appropriate, there may be another one which is more sensible. If the question asks you to rank the responses, compare them to each other. However, keep in mind that all the responses may be effective or they may all be ineffective - your task is to rank the responses, not decide if they are right or wrong.

What Is the Best way to Present my Answers in Wipro Interview?

The Wipro interview process depends on the position you are applying for.  Some interviews are more technical oriented, whilst others tend to be more focused on your competencies. The best way to present your answers in your Wipro interview is with the STAR method: situation, task, action, result. This is the most preferred way of answering questions as it presents your answers in a real-life situation which really engages the interviewer.

How Can I Become Part of the Wipro Careers?

The Wipro careers offer a wide range of career opportunities. All Wipro jobs require you to complete the Wipro hiring process to ensure that the most suitable candidate fills the position. First, you should tailor your CV to your chosen Wipro job. Then, you should be prepared to participate in an interview and to complete the Wipro online tests. 


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