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Watson Glaser Deduction Section Overview

In each question of the Deduction section, you will be presented with a premise followed by a suggested conclusion.

Your task is to determine whether the conclusion ABSOLUTELY AND NECESSARILY follows the premise.

Watson Glaser Deduction Sample Question

All Real Estate assets are either very large or located in central areas but not both. While no apartment is untrendy, all trendy RE assets are very large.

Trendy real estate assets are either located in non-central areas or are small.


Conclusion Follows
Conclusion Does Not Follow
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Let’s solve this questions using Venn diagrams:

Watson Glaser Sample Question

Remember that in the Watson Glaser test, “Either A – or B” means that “all items must either be A or B (not both, not neither)”.

It is possible for all items to be A or for all items to be B.

Therefore, the conclusion follows.

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Tips for the Watson Glaser Deduction Section


Tip #1 – Premises Are True Without Exception

In the Watson Glaser Deduction section, consider the premises in each question to be true without exception. (e.g., the sentence "apples are tasty", means “all apples are tasty”, even rotten apples and unripe apples).


Tip #2 – Rely ONLY on the Premises

While answering a question in the Deduction section, rely only on the premises, even though you may believe some conclusions may or may not be true according to your general knowledge.


Tip #3 – Use the NOT Triangle

The NOT Triangle (Negative, Transpose, Only) is one of the most useful methods in the Deduction section, allowing you to rephrase premises to suit the needs of a specific question.

Here’s the gist of it:

You may convert a premise without changing its meaning by using TWO elements of the NOT Triangle.

For instance:

All carrots are orange.

  • (N+T) – All things that are not orange are not carrots.
  • (O+T)Only orange things are carrots.
  • (O+N)Only if something is not a carrot, it is not orange.

The NOT Triangle is extensively covered in the Complete Watson Glaser Prep Course.


Tip #4 – Don't Trust Your Intuition

While some candidates solve deduction questions intuitively, I highly recommend against it. It is better to use more methodical solving techniques, such as Venn diagrams or Letter Coding.

Both methods are covered in the Complete Watson Glaser Prep Course.

Preparing for the Watson Glaser Test

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