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Are you required to take a combination of RANRA Watson Glaser Tests as part of your pre-employment exam? JobTestPrep offers sophisticated practice materials designed to increase your chances of acing the assessment.

The RANRA Watson Glaser preparation consists of the following sections:

  • Watson Glaser - Includes six full-length test simulations for managers, 7 Inference practice tests, 3 Assumption practice tests, 5 Deduction practice tests, 4 Interpretation practice tests, and 4 Argument practice tests.
  • RANRA - Includes three full-length RANRA simulations that will help improve your Deduction, Analysis, and Interpretation skills.
  • Numerical Exercises - This section includes 6 Numerical drills that will improve your ability in averages, percentages ratios, sufficiency of data, and weighted averages calculations, as well as 6 Numerical skills practice tests.

JobTestPrep PrepPack™ includes simulations of the combined Watson Glaser RANRA tests that will sharpen your Logical thinking and Numerical Reasoning skills. Prepare now and gain a clear edge over other candidates.

This page will help you prepare for the combined Watson Glaser RANRA Assessment. It includes a guide with some free sample questions.

Watson Glaser RANRA-Style

Each practice test contains detailed answers and explanations!

  • 3 RANRA-style practice tests
  • 29 Watson Glaser-style practice tests
  • 12 Numerical Exercises practice tests
  • 5 Interactive Study Guides - New

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What is the Combined Watson Glaser RANRA Assessment?

Employers use the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal and the Rust Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal (RANRA) separately or together to provide greater insight into a candidate’s critical thinking abilities.

The employer's decision of which of these tests should be used depends on the relevance to the position.

The scores may be used together to create a total critical-thinking grade, which consists of five verbal components from the Watson Glaser and two Numerical components from the RANRA.

The employer's decision of which of these tests should be used depends on the relevance to the position.

If you know you are about to face the RANRA exam and that critical thinking is relevant to the job you applied for, the odds are you will face the Watson-Glaser exam as well.

Watson Glaser RANRA Test Questions

Watson Glaser Assumption Sample Question

Choose whether the assumption has been made in the text below.

We forecast that the completion of the development of supercomputers will be followed by a shortage of people who know how to make use of all this computing power.

Proposed Assumption:

It's only a matter of time until the development of supercomputers is completed.



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The correct answer is B - Assumption not made.

The forecast does not relate to more than a hypothetical scenario (the completion of supercomputers development).

It is neither certain that such a scenario will occur, nor that it is only a matter of time until it will.

For example, 'we forecast that an alien invasion will force the nations of this world to work together does not assume an alien invasion is bound to happen at some point.


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RANRA Comparison of Quantities Sample Question

John and Martha each leave their own houses at the same time and start walking toward one another. John's speed is X km/h. Martha's speed is Y km/h. Y>X

A. The time it will take John to meet Martha.

B. The time it will take Martha to meet John.





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This is a tricky question. The speed ratio is not relevant. They are both walking until they meet each other.

One person may end up walking a greater distance but, by the time they meet, they will have each walked exactly the same amount of time (since they started walking at the same time).

Had they both been walking towards a specific meeting point then it is possible that one of them would have arrived at the destination before the other.

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