Applying for a job, graduate training contract or summer internship with Hogan Lovells will contain many stages, each of which is designed to test your skills and abilities. On the other hand however, each of these stages are an opportunity for you as the applicant to demonstrate your worth. This page is designed to give you tips and guidance on how to navigate this employment process, and hopefully come out with a job offer at the end of it. We will focus this page on the graduate training scheme application process as it is the most exhaustive, but it will also help with all other applications to Hogan Lovells as they include a combination of the stages of this application.

Hogan Lovells Application Form

The online application form is your first opportunity to impress the company you hope to work with in the future. With over 2,500 applicants for training contracts, the answers you give on the form must help you stand out from the crowd.

Competency based questions will ask you about your work experience to date and your personal development. You are expected to elaborate on your answers, and there is plenty of space, so make sure you utilise it to the fullest extent. They are not just looking for legal work experience, don't forget to list all work experience to demonstrate how you understand business, time management, communicating with people and meeting deadlines. Show how the skills you have picked up in your student jobs can be transferred to your future career. Moreover, provide examples of where you have interacted with law to show how you have thought about your career, looked into it, and made decisions based on what you have learnt from your research.

The recruitment team is also looking for you to demonstrate how the way you work fits in to the core values of the firm. These core values will run through all parts of the application process.

The core values of the firm are:

  • Clients come first
  • Excellence in all we do
  • One team worldwide
  • Commitment to our firm’s success
  • Good citizenship

The application form is the only opportunity you have to present your experience and a CV upload is not included. As a result, this form is like a tailored CV, the questions the company asks, help you address the information they want to know about you. Get more advice on how to approach this form with our guide to law firm applications on the JobTestPrep blog

Read more about Competency Based Interview.

Online Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test

Hogan Lovells requires each successful applicant at the application stage to complete an online critical thinking test. The test they use is the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, which is designed to determine your ability to think critically, and help the company assess your suitability for both the job you are applying to, and the company as a whole.

The Watson-Glaser test will test you on five key areas:

  • Drawing inferences
  • Recognising assumptions
  • Deductive reasoning
  • Logical interpretation 
  • Argument evaluation

The Watson-Glaser test is distinct from the other types of tests usually used in job application processes, and will test you in new ways.

Check out JobTestPrep’s Watson-Glaser practice questions.

Hogan Lovells Assessment Day

The Hogan Lovells assessment day is a whole day event at the firm’s headquarters in Atlantic House, Holborn. The day is designed to offer you more information about the firm, and for them to assess you further in on whether you have the qualities they are looking for. The good news is that once the assessment day is over, there are no more application activities for you to carry out.

There are three assessed events during the day, and the itinerary is as follows:

  • Introduction to the firm from a partner and associates
  • Critical thinking test
  • Informal buffet lunch with trainees
  • Commercial business exercise
  • Interview with two partners and member of the graduate recruitment team
  • Guided tour of Atlantic House

Critical Thinking Test

This time you will be sitting a paper version of the same critical thinking test described above. This is to verify the results you got last time around. There could be several months between your online critical thinking test and the paper version at the assessment day, so don’t forget to brush up on the tests again here.

Hogan Lovells Commercial Business Exercise

Teamwork is a core value of Hogan Lovells, and the commercial business exercise is a group activity designed to see how you work as part of a team, similar to a team meeting where the team work together to address a question affecting their work. The exercise will be based on a problem a client has brought to the company in the past. The commercial exercise will not test your technical legal knowledge, but how you approach the issue and work through the problem. Although you are assessed alongside your fellow candidates, the exercise is not a competition. Getting the balance right in a group exercise can be difficult. For our tips on how to address a group exercise, please see here.

Partner Interview

The partner interview will typically last 45 minutes to an hour. The interview will serve two main functions: to ask you your reasons for pursuing a legal career and your understanding of the legal and business world; and assess your ability to respond to common situations that trainee solicitors deal with.

Hogan Lovells’ top interview tips:

  • Prepare thoroughly - know about the company and current news within it.
  • They are looking for commercial awareness - read up on businesses, follow a company currently in the news, read about their case from a number of different sources.
  • Take your time when answering questions in the interview. If you need more time to think, ask for it.
  • Answer honestly, do not answer what you think the interviewer wants to hear.
  • Be prepared to ask questions of the interviewers, but make sure they are original, have not been covered in anything you have heard during the day, and are not too easily answered by your own research into the company. Questions can include asking about the interviewers and their career paths, what they like about working for Hogan Lovells and their clients.

Some past questions in interviews with Hogan Lovells have included:

  • Tell me about a recent transaction in the news. What departments would it involve?
  • Can you explain the difference between contract and tort?
  • Why commercial law?
  • Why do you want to practice at Hogan Lovells?
  • What other law firms have you applied to?

Preparing for an interview can be tricky, and it is especially important that you practice in a live setting where an interviewer feeds you the questions.

JobTestPrep offer an interview preparation package to help you prepare adequately for the interview.

Pre employment screening

Hogan Lovells will perform checks on the information you have given them. These are conditions to the offer of employment, and include checking your academic qualifications and professional memberships, credit checks, criminal record search, employment history and legal right to work in the UK.

In summary

Hogan Lovells was formed in 2010 through the merger of the UK firm Lovells and the US based firm Hogan and Hartson. It is a major international law firm, and in the UK it sits just outside the magic circle of law firms. The application process with Hogan Lovells is competitive, and is designed to help the company pick out the best candidates to join the firm. This page has been compiled to prepare you for this process from start to finish, and to ensure that you can compete at each stage. Good luck.