Online Application

After choosing the correct path of entry that suits you best, you will be asked to create an account from which you will complete your application form. This application involves a number of different sections which you will need to complete. Apart from the regular items such as your education details and qualifications there are a number of competency questions that need answering. They typically centre on the key competencies that Linklaters holds dear. These are listed below in the Linklaters Interview section. These questions are designed to assess your ability to answer pertinent questions in the correct manner as befitting the firm. Moreover, they are used to see if you have the correct motivation when answering them. A badly constructed answer tells them that you aren’t really interested in working for Linklaters. Get advice on how to create the best law firm application form answers with our blog guide.

Every single application is read by a member of the HR team which can actually work to your advantage. On the one hand it makes it harder to progress, as simple mistakes will serve as a deterrent to hire you. On the other hand however, it gives you the chance to really shine. What this means is that if you impress, you are well on your way to making it through to the next stage of the Linklaters recruitment process. We have a package to help you overcome these competency questions which you can find out more about here.

The Linklaters Watson-Glaser Test

If your application has thus far been successful, if you are applying to get a Linklaters training contract you will be invited to take the Linklaters Watson-Glaser test. Please note that this is not the only time you will be taking the test. If you are successful in getting through to the Linklaters Interview Day you will have to undertake this test again to validate the one taken online. This is not a typical verbal reasoning test and is much more analytical and varied in style. There are five main sections to this test and you will be assessed on during this test. They are: Argument evaluation, Deductive reasoning, Drawing inferences, Logical interpretation, and Recognising assumptions. To get an in-depth understanding on the Watson-Glaser test click here.

Linklaters Interview Day

Although this day is known as the Interview day, it is more properly defined as an assessment centre for the Linklaters graduate scheme. There are a number of different activities that you will face throughout the day and we will go through each of them below. You will be taken on a tour of the building and although this happens at most major companies this is of particular importance to Linklaters. This is because Linklaters take extreme pride in their building ensuring that it has all the best amenities for both their staff and their clients alike. This being the case, be sure to ask questions during this tour and although this may seem a bit pedantic and trivial, Linklaters take their building very seriously so ensure you show yourself as really liking the layout and amenities within.

Linklaters Work Simulation and Written Exercise

In this exercise you will be taking what is commonly known as an In-tray test. This is a true simulation of what you would expect to find at your place of work. You will be presented with a laptop and given instructions with some background information relating to the position you are to take during this exercise. You will then have to work your way through an “inbox” rating emails as important or not. Throughout the In-tray you will receive more emails that you need to deal with. There is not enough time to read through every email so you need to have a method in order to complete the task.

After this section of the exercise, you have to write a long response to one of the important emails that came up. This response has to be in the correct structure with an introduction, main section and conclusion. 

Prepare for both parts of the exercise with our online written exercises preparation pack.

Linklaters Interviews

There are two interviews that you will face during the Linklaters interview day. The first of the interviews is with a member of the HR team. This interview will be competency based and you will need to have an excellent command of them to do well in this interview.

The six competencies are:

  • Commercial Judgment
  • Determination
  • Excellence
  • Imagination
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork

In order to perform at the highest level during this interview you need to ensure that you bring examples of when you have demonstrated these values both in your university experience as well as outside of it in other jobs or voluntary work. Answering these questions is actually an art form that can be taught. At JobTestPrep we provide a complete interview preparation package.

The second interview is held with one of the lawyers from Linklaters and is a skills based interview. You will discuss your written exercise with the interviewer, why you decided to answer the way you did and describe the way you approached the task, thus bringing your analytical skills to the fore. As well as this, you will be asked numerous questions designed to test your commercial awareness. Moreover, there are a number of qualities and skills that Linklaters expects every employee to have and to this end you will be asked questions involving the following skills:

  • Commercial thinking
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • Time management


Linklaters Interview Questions

It is very worthwhile to prepare for this interview by making sure you are up to date with the latest commercial developments as they are likely to come up during your interview. Furthermore, prepare answers for every possible question that you think may come up. Some possible Linklaters interview questions are:

  • Which area of practice are you most interested in?
  • Do you think you could cope with the long hours connected with law?
  • Where do you think that Linklaters should open their next office?
  • What puts you under pressure?
  • What do you do to evaluate your processes?
  • What aspect of your study did you enjoy most?
  • Where do you see yourself in five year's time?
  • Tell me about a time when you were part of a team.
  • Did you ever solve a problem in a dynamic way?

Although the length of these interviews (one hour each) tends to suggest that you will be in for a grilling, this isn't the case. You are allowed to bring notes into the interview, even encouraged to do so. Moreover, with the other exercises that you have already done there is already a pretty clear picture of your abilities. Hence this Linklaters interview is regarded as more of an informal chat for the company to get to know you better.

Linklaters Graduate Recruitment

With a starting salary of close to £40,000 moving up to £64,000 after qualification, the Linklaters training contract is rightly one of the most sought after positions around, providing 110 training contracts per year. There is also a highly desirable summer vacation scheme with 90 places available. It is constantly ranked in the top five Law Firm rankings, being one of the famed Magic Circle, and has over 2,200 lawyers firm-wide. Linklaters provide a full range of corporate, finance and commercial law services to many large companies across many fields.

In Summary

We have seen that there are many steps that you need to come through in order to be offered a position at Linklaters. Ensuring that you have every step of the journey covered is your personal way of making sure you are doing the best you can.