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About Virgin Australia PrepPacks

JobTestPrep provides you with the resources to help you prepare for the online tests and interview involved in the application process. Start preparing yourself now for the Virgin Australia's aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.


'Great practice materials, helped me understand the structure of the aptitude tests which raelly improved my scores.'

Bao K.


  • 89% of our clients applying to Virgin Australia practice with Cut-e-style tests
  • 81% of these customers also use JobTestPrep's interview pack

Virgin Australia Cut-e-Style Assessments

The Cut-e (Aon) numerical assessment evaluates numerical competencies as well as the ability to work your way through a large number of data within a short period of time. Cut-e's verbal tests examine how well you can comprehend and interpret verbal information. The last type of Cut-e (Aon)'s test is the discovering rules assessment. It requires you to identify logical patterns between a serious of figures. We recommend to invest your time into practising the tests as knowing what to expect in advance can really increase your results


Start Practising for the Airlines Tests

If you want to be employed by Virgin Australia, you need to pass your pre-employment tests and interviews with good results. To achieve this aim, purchase our all-inclusive PrepPack™ and start practising with our test simulations closely modelled on Virgin Australia’s official tests. Only by going through several dry runs with our materials can you ensure that your employers will make you a job offer.


Virgin Australia Interview 

The Virgin Australia hiring process consists of several stages. Apart from the tests, you will be required to take several interviews. The first interview is on the phone. You will talk to a Human Resources representative about your education and work experience. The second interview is in person. You will need to go to one of the Virgin Australia’s locations and meet managers of several departments, where you may work. The managers’ questions will be competency-based. You may also be asked technical questions if you are applying for a position involving working with technology. Think of answers to the most frequently asked questions in advance so that you sound self-assured and calm on the actual interview. You may also practice with our interview materials containing tips on how to behave while conversing with your potential bosses.

Virgin Australia Assessment Centre

The invitation to your assessment day will contain the number of tasks you should complete once you attend the centre. You should prepare for role-plays, interviews, case studies, presentations, and aptitude tests.The Virgin Australia assessment day lasts either a half day or full day event, depending on the role you have applied for. This is also your chance to experience Virgin Australia's atmosphere and qualities.

How Many Scenarios Can I Expect to Encounter in My SJT?

You will encounter 25-50 hypothetical situations in a situational judgement test. You are expected to express how you would handle or feel about certain scenarios by either selecting the for you most and least suitable solution or by ranking the options. The situations are interesting and work-related as this test serves to estimate how your professional attitude.

What Is the Virgin Australia Telephone Interview?

This type of interview is typically used as a preliminary interview. You will primarily receive competency-based questions. You can prepare by researching the company and the company values. You should know which are the key competencies your desired position requires and present examples from your past where you have demonstrated them.

What Is Virgin Australia Hiring Process Like?

Virgin Australia hiring processes follow similar patterns for each type of recruitment, but the exercises you will encounter depend on the level you are applying to. There are also some differences at each level between technical recruitment and business roles. You can be requested for interviews, to complete aptitude tests, and to attend an assessment centre.

What Is the Assessment Centre?

The assessment day was designed to be the final stage of recruitments.It is either located in private centres or at the company's offices. You are examined through a variety of assessment day activities, involving both group exercises and individual tasks. Your prospective employer will receive a rounded profile of your aptitude and an estimate of your attitude in your workplace.


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