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About Telefonica

Telefonica is a Spanish-based broadband and telecommunications company with offices all over Europe. Their UK graduate scheme is very competitive, with over 10,000 applicants each year. In order to find the best people out there, Telefonica has developed a rigorous recruitment process which includes aptitude and personality tests, a video interview and a challenging assessment day.  Once you have completed and submitted your application, it is reviewed by Telefonica. If they are interested, they will contact you to move ahead in the recruitment process.

Telefonica Online Tests

The online testing stage is the second opportunity Telefonica has to narrow down which candidates make the best fit for the company. A good performance on the tests means you move on to the later stages so it is important to do your best on the exams. Telefonica uses aptitude tests provided by cut-e (Aon) and the most efficient way to prepare is by using cut-e (Aon) style practice tests which you can find at JobTestPrep.

Telefonica Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are an examination of your ability to understand and work with numerical data. The numerical test from cut-e (Aon) presents you with a number of tables and graphs which display information about a fictitious company. You must use this information to determine if the statements in each question are true, false, or cannot say based on the numerical data.

Telefonica Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are an assessment of how well you can handle information presented in written texts. Cut-e (Aon) verbal reasoning tests use the same format as the numerical tests, with various short texts relating to a fictitious company. Each question gives a statement related to the text and you need to decide if this is true, false or you cannot say based on the information you have read.

Telefonica Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical reasoning tests look at your ability to draw logical conclusions from non-verbal information, such as shapes and patterns. You are given a series of shapes which all follow the same rule which you need to decipher and decide which of the shapes does not follow the rule. For more information, see our dedicated page.

Telefonica Information Competence Assessment

The information competence assessment is very similar to an in-tray exercise. In-tray exercises are designed to simulate office tasks such a delegating work, prioritising tasks and dealing with unexpected information. The assessment presents you with various office correspondences, such as memos and emails, and your task is to decide if the letter in front you is urgent or not and what your next step should be. Prepare yourself for this assessment using practice in-tray exercises.

Telefonica Personality Test

Companies use personality tests to determine your fit in the social workings of the company; how you work with others, how you work alone, how you deal with responsibilities, etc. Personality tests involve a lot of questions, many of which seem similar to one another. Although this test is based solely on you, it is still possible and recommended to practice. Practice personality tests familiarise you with the format of the test and give you a better idea of how to give the most accurate answer about yourself.

Telefonica Video Interview

After a successful performance on the aptitude tests, you will be contacted by Telefonica to set up a time for a video interview. This is a pre-screening for the assessment day which follows. The interview is conducted via Skype so rather than talking to a live interviewer, you are speaking to your computer screen. The questions in the interview focus on your motivations, such as ‘Why have you chosen Telefonica?’ and ‘Why have you chosen this service line?’ It is a good idea to keep a copy of your CV nearby to reference. See our free guide to interviews PDF for helpful tips on how to perform well.

Telefonica Assessment Day

The final stage of the Telefonica recruitment process is the assessment day which features group exercises, a case study and a competency based interview. Before the assessment day, prepare yourself by researching the company and noting any questions you have to ask during the day. Get a good night’s rest the night before and make sure you dress appropriately for the assessment centre.

Telefonica Group Exercises

The Telefonica assessment day also features two group exercises. In both exercises, make sure to make yourself heard and understood by the other members of your group and by the assessors. This is not a time to keep quiet.

The first exercise is in a small group, at most five people, and your task as a team is to come up with a new product. This involves planning out every angle of the product; how to make it, how to market it, id, and price. For this exercise, you do not need to come up with specific details and figures, rather general ideas that you can present in a clear way

The second exercise is in a larger group of ten or more people. The is a role-play or simulation exercise where as a group you are presented with a work-related situation and must work together to come to a resolution or conclusion. An example of a situation is one where you have to help a difficult customer.

Telefonica Case Study

The Telefonica case study is slightly different from other case studies you might have encountered. Each person is given a case study packet and 30 minutes to read and review the information individually. Following the review, you are split into pairs and must present the case study to one another. Assessors are walking around and observing your progress throughout the activity. A practice run with a practice case study can help you solve the more challenging aspects of this activity, such as the time constraints.

Telefonica Competency Based Interview

The interview is your only one-to-one encounter with a Telefonica recruiter and is centered on your competencies and your potential fit with the company. Telefonica has three values and ask you to give examples of when you have exemplified them. These are:

  • Discover what the world needs.
  • Disrupt and improve the rules of the game to generate greater values for the company and customers.
  • Deliver affordable technology using a global presence.

Think about how you can apply these values to your own past experience, and use the STAR method to shape your answers. If you are feeling nervous about the interview, our interview preparation package can help you calm you nerves and sharpen the skills you need to impress.

Prepare for Telefonica

Getting a job with Telefonica can be challenging but well worth the effort. By preparing in advance for the aptitude tests, interviews and assessments with practice materials, your chances of getting that job offer are much higher and you will be more confident. This article has outlined these stages and what you can do to prepare yourself. Good luck!

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