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About to take a Talent Q test as part of your employer's selection process? Let JobTestPrep help you prepare online for Talent Q's assessments, giving you an overview of each test as well as relevant practice resources.
Practice Talent Q's Elements Tests
  • Practice tests that are tailored to graduate/management audiences.
  • Including unique study guides and videos for the Elements series.
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  • Practice tests that are tailored to service/admin/support audiences.
  • Including unique study guides and videos for the Aspects series.

A-Z Guide to Talent Q Tests

Talent Q is becoming increasingly more popular among the assessment companies. Their tests are used by the likes of Astra Zeneca, BT, Carlsberg, Citi, RBS, Royal Mail and Volkswagen and many others.

Here you can learn more about how JobTestPrep can help you prepare for Talent Q’s Elements ability tests, the psychometric tests series that is used for selection and talent management.

Our data shows that Talent Q's ability tests differ from other common psychometric tests in terms of concepts, test formats and question types. One of the differences is that the tests are adaptable. This means that judging by whether your response to a question is correct or incorrect the system will present you with a consequent question of either greater or lesser difficulty until your appropriate level of difficulty is found. This ability and performance based testing method allows the tests to be relatively shorter (a maximum of 16 minutes per Element) as candidates only take questions for their ability level.

The fact that the test is adaptable does NOT inflict on candidates in any way, since they are still expected to answer the questions correctly. It only gives Talent Q a way to shorten the assessment process. Practicing for these tests remains relevant. It is in fact highly recommended as it can give you, the candidate, the advantage of familiarity with the test, its structure and the best strategies to solve it.

There are a number of different groups of assessments and we will outline them below:

Talent Q Dimensions

In a 25 minute timeframe, the Dimensions online personality questionnaire is able to accurately measure a person’s personality across the different fields. These are: People and Relationships, Tasks and Projects, and Drives and Emotions.

You will be given a statement such as: How true is each statement below about you in relation to your behaviour at work? You will be given four different statements and you have to rate them on a five option true-based scale with the most being very true and the least being completely untrue. There are 160 of these statements in regards to different behavioural trends. Learn more about Talent Q's personality tests

Practice for Talent Q Tests with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep is the first and only place on the internet that provides practice resources that follow Talent Q's assessments characteristics. We made great efforts in developing test units that follow the different levels of difficulty and aptitude types that are seen on Talent Q assessments. 

Like all psychometric tests, there are certain skills that you can acquire about the underlying logic behind psychometric tests by practicing. You will also become familiar with the types of tricks incorporated into these tests. The more you practice the more familiar you will be with the type of questions likely to be presented to you and you will be less likely to feel panicky when presented with unfamiliar information in Talent Q tests. Go back to to choose your practice solution

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