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The Talent Q Elements series is a collection of three different tests that can be given to the candidate in a combined, three-ply assessment or can be split up depending on the role of the job. This set of tests is used in the hiring process of supervisors, managers, and any other high level positions. Each test has between 12 and 15 different questions that vary in difficulty level. These are outlined below:

Talent Q Numerical Tests - Elements Numerical

This tests your ability at understanding numerical data including tables and figures as well as making deductions and analyses from the data. You may be presented with a table, some accompanying information and a question based on some or all of this information; you will have to chose the most appropriate answer from a list of answers. The test consists of 12 questions and there is no overall time limit for the test but rather a time limit for each question: 90 seconds for the first question on each table (or set of tables) and 75 seconds for subsequent questions. The average completion time is 12 minutes.

Talent Q Verbal Tests - Elements Verbal

This tests your understanding of written information and your ability of drawing conclusions based on this information. You will be presented with a short piece of text followed by six statements based on the text. For each question you are presented with a range of possible answers from which to choose. Sometimes you have to choose two answers and sometimes only one; in some cases you have to decide which one of the arguments are definitely true/ false based on your understanding of the text.  There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 75 seconds for the first question on each passage of text and 60 seconds for subsequent questions. The average completion time is 12 minutes. We have hundreds of verbal reasoning practice questions that follow Talent Q's concepts.

Talent Q Logical Tests - Elements Logical

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Like all psychometric tests, there are certain skills that you can acquire about the underlying logic behind psychometric tests by practicing. You will also become familiar with the types of tricks incorporated into these tests. The more you practice the more familiar you will be with the type of questions likely to be presented to you and you will be less likely to feel panicky when presented with unfamiliar information in Talent Q tests.

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