Talent Q Aspects and Ability Series

Ace the Talent Q Aspects Test

The Talent Q Aspects test is designed to test skills that you will need on the job: reading text, reading tables and charts, and paying attention to detail while under pressure (error checking). These three skills can all be improved significantly with focused practice. Whether or not you did well in school, it’s essential to practice because the aspects tests are different from tests you took in school and time pressure is a major factor.

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Talent Q Aspects Test Format and Sample Questions

The Aspects Ability series is administered online and consists of three different tests: verbal, numerical, and error checking. Each section takes 8-12 minutes to complete. The test is multiple-choice only. Unlike the tests you took in school, each question is timed separately. Here you can find out more about the format of each section and see samples from JobTestPrep’s Aspects Ability test PrepPack™. 

Aspects Ability Verbal

You will read a paragraph and then answer 12 questions about it. You must choose one correct answer choice from four options. The first question has a 75-second time limit and subsequent questions each have a 60-second time limit.


Talent Q Aspects Verbal Test - Sample Question

Secure Password Selection
The importance of picking a good, secure password cannot be emphasised enough.
The main reason people gain unauthorised access to a password-protected system is that they manage to guess the password.
Once someone else has obtained your passwords, they may use your accounts to see your private data, alter or destroy personal files, or even perform illegal activities in your name.

The following guidelines will protect you from someone finding out your password and using your account illegally:
1. Make your password as long as possible. Always use at least 6 characters, at least two of which are numeric.
2. The use of personal information (i.e. name, phone number and address) in your password should be avoided.
3. Do not use words or names that are listed in standard dictionaries.
4. Do not use passwords that are easy to detect while typing them in. Passwords such as ‘12345’ should be avoided.

Which of these words mean the same as ’detect’ in the fourth clause?
A) locate
B) point
C) notice
D) create

Answer & Explanation

The meaning of the word ’detect’ in the context of the passage is: ’notice’.


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Aspects Ability Numerical

This test assesses your ability to analyse and draw conclusions from numerical data in tables. You must choose one correct answer choice from four options. The first question has a 90-second time limit and subsequent questions each have a 75-second time limit.


Talent Q Aspects Numerical Test - Sample Question

Talent Q Sample Question

If every meeting is also attended by the CEO and his secretary, what is the maximum number of people attending one meeting?

A) 9
B) 14
C) 11
D) 13
E) 15
F) 7

Answer & Explanation

The maximum number of people who attended a meeting, according to the table, is: 9.

The CEO and his secretary equal 2 extra people attending each meeting.

Therefore, 9+2= 11 people.


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Aspects Ability Error Checking

This test assesses your attention to detail under time pressure. You will be presented with two tables of data such as phone numbers, post codes, or order numbers. You must check rows of data against each other and indicate whether or not they are identical. Each question contains 6 rows of data which you must compare within a 60 second time limit.

Talent Q Aspects Error Checking Test - Sample Question

In the table below, are the two highlighted sets of information the same? 

Talent Q Aspects Error Checking Test - Sample Question

Answer & Explanation



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