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What's Included

2 full Talent-Q Aspects simulation
✓ 5 Talent-Q Aspects numerical tests
✓ 19 extra numerical practice tests & drills
5 Talent-Q Aspects verbal tests
✓ 9 extra verbal practice tests
5 Error Checking practice tests
✓ 13 video tutorials
✓ 6 comprehensive study guides
❕ All tests are timed and come with score reports, solutions and solving tips
❕ Money back guarantee


The Talent Q Aspects series is a group of four tests that are used to assess candidates for customer service roles.

Call centres, emergency services, hospitality, and manufacturing are all examples of professions for which the Aspects series can be used.

Each of the Aspects Ability tests take between five and 10 minutes to complete, making them quick and easy for employers to use.

Practising these tests before you actually come to sit for them is particularly important. Without practice, there is no way to learn the style and structure of these tests, as well as how to answer questions quickly.

JobTestPrep has created timed practice tests that simulate the Aspects series to help ensure you are prepared. 


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Aspects Ability Tests

The Aspects Ability series is a set of three different tests that are usually administered online: verbal, numerical, and checking.

Aspects Ability Verbal

On this test, you are presented with a paragraph of information on a particular subject. You then have to answer a question pertaining to the text.

There are four different options available from which you can choose the correct answer. The first question has a 75-second time limit, after which you will be automatically moved to the next question.

Each of the subsequent questions has a 60-second time limit. There are 12 questions to answer, making the test 12 minutes long.

Aspects Ability Numerical

This test assesses your ability to analyse and draw conclusions from different pieces of numerical data in the form of tables. Again, as in the Aspects verbal test, there are 12 questions to answer.

You are given 90 seconds for the first question and 75 for each succeeding one. The average time taken to complete this test is 10 minutes.

Aspects Ability Checking

On this test, you are presented with a few different tables of information. In each table there is a number of different rows of data.

It is your task to examine each of the rows against each other and validate if they are the same or not. This test is specifically used in the postal service where many postcodes need to be checked.

It assesses the ability to accurately and quickly find errors as well as the ability to work under pressure. This test takes about six minutes to complete.

Aspects Personality Test (Styles)

Styles is a personality, competency-based questionnaire. It uses 16 different character traits to assess candidates. Results are used to evaluate a candidate's personality with regards to the job application, as well as serving as a guide for an upcoming interview.

Some examples of the different character traits assessed are adaptability, decisiveness, drive and ambition, resilience, and teamwork. You are presented with a series of different statements, and you must rate how well they match your personality on a five-grade scale, from completely untrue to very true.

JobTestPrep offers a personality test with full explanations to help you succeed on this assessment.

Prepare for the Talent Q Test Series with JobTestPrep

To excel on these time-pressured psychometric tests, unique skills are needed. Not only must you understand the question style, but you must also be able to work quickly and accurately.

The more you practise, the more comfortable you'll feel when taking the actual test. JobTestPrep offers practice tests with complete answer explanations to help you prepare.

You can take them in Timed or Step-by-Step Mode, either to simulate the actual test or to learn while doing.


Improve your hiring chances by 73%

Get our full study guide and 300+ Talent-Q-Aspects -style
exam practice questions from £39


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