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What to Expect from the Recruitment Process at Spirit?

The recruitment process at Spirit AeroSystems is complex and challenging. It includes several stages:

The Phone Interview:

Once your documents, which you upload online, have been screened, you will be scheduled for a phone interview either with the company’s recruiter or Human Resources manager. Expect to tell your interlocutor about your education and work experience. If you have recently graduated from the grad school, you may be asked about the projects that you completed during your studies. Then will follow technical questions about systems and processing techniques involved in the position for which you compete.

The Test

If you do well on your phone interview, you will be invited pass the CEB SHL Test. Depending on the position for which you apply, you may be asked to take either the Calculation Test or Numerical Reasoning Test, or the Numerical Series Test. You may be also asked to take the Verbal Reasoning Test or the Verbal Application Test.  

The CEB SHL Calculation Test

This test is a measurement of your numerical skills: how accurately and quickly you can add, subtract, divide, and multiply full numbers, fractions, or decimals.

On the test, you will receive several mathematical equations with an omitted number designated with a question mark (?). You will be shown this equation for a short period of time, after which you will be relocated to a different screen, where you will need to type the value of the missing number. This screen also will be displayed for a limited amount of time, after which you will return to the screen with questions. Note that no calculators are usually allowed on the examination. You will need to make all your calculations on the scrap of paper.

Time is definitely a challenge on all CEB SHL Tests. You will be wise to practice before you enter the examination room. Our close simulations of the tests will give you an opportunity to strengthen your arithmetic and calculating skills and thereby nail your exam with ease and confidence.

The Face-to-Face Interview

Provided you score high on your examination, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview in Wichita. The first part of the interview is conducted in the form of a panel. You will have a chance to talk to the Hiring Manager and several engineers, some of them can be your prospective managers. Questions posed by them will be behavioral and situational. To answer situational questions well, use the STAR format. In other words, describe a challenging situation that you faced in your previous workplace or college. Then, talk about the task that you had to fulfill to resolve the problem. After this, tell recruiters what actions you initiated to carry out the task. Finally, elaborate on the results that you achieved by taking these particular actions and what were their alternatives that you dismissed as less effective. Be ready to answer also technical questions related to the role for which you are vying with other job applicants. The second part of the interview is with the Vice President of the Division. After it, you will be taken to see the plant, where airline fuselages are assembled. If you receive a job offer, you can start salary negotiation.

Successfully completing all stages of the hiring process at Spirit AeroSystems is difficult. Do not, therefore, hurt your chances of being employed by coming to your examination and interviews unprepared. Study with our well-chosen resources and excel at every stage of the company’s recruitment process. JobTestPrep’s high-quality PrepPack™ contains tests modeled on the CEB SHL Tests and interview preparations that include a list of frequently asked interview questions. Some of these questions are presented below in the next session.

What Questions Are Asked During the Interviews at Spirit?

Questions usually asked during the phone and in-person interviews at Spirit AeroSystems are competency-based, situational, or technical, related to the position for which job candidates are interviewed. Here are some of these questions:

• Tell us about your development experience;

• How do you prioritize your work?

• How would you handle missing a deadline due to time constraints?

• What was your last job responsibilities?

• Tell us about a time you overstepped your authority;

• Tell about a time you made a mistake and how you handled it.

• Describe a time when you worked in a group and what difficulties did you have?

• What are some of the relevant coursework you have taken to prepare for the position?

• How are you involved with the community outside of your workplace?

• Tell me about a time you disagreed with a co-worker. 

Think these and similar questions over and formulate smart answers to them. If you come to your interview armed with good replies to these questions, you will be favored over your competitors. Sounding smart and confident in your conversation with recruiters will guarantee you a place in the company.


JobTestPrep devotes energy and time to developing test simulations and interview materials that can lead you to employment. Supplied with step-by-stem study guides and answer keys, our resources will improve your numerical and verbal skills along with your self-presentation during your interviews. Purchase our PrepPack™ and enjoy manufacturing fuselages for the most famous aircrafts at Spirit AeroSystems.

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