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All You Need to Know about SHL Verbal Reasoning Tests

This page outlines the most up-to-date information about SHL verbal reasoning tests as well as how to choose the appropriate practice pack to prepare with. In addition, it includes free advice and tips to help you prepare for your test. Take advantage of JobtestPrep's SHL verbal test practice pack.

What Is Verbal Reasoning?

Verbal reasoning tests are very popular among employers and assessment companies as verbal abilities are an important necessity for almost any job type and level. Employers wish to find out how well and how fast a candidate can understand, process, and analyse verbal information.

What Are SHL Verbal Tests?

As a major player in the assessment industry, SHL has a massive influence on the field of verbal reasoning assessments. Almost any candidate going through an SHL assessment will encounter a verbal test. SHL has a special test battery for each job level (i.e. the AMT for senior managers, the MGIB for graduates and managers, and the TTB for technical employees), all of which include at least one verbal test. In general, in the SHL verbal reasoning test, you demonstrate your ability to work with a piece of text and extract the most relevant information in a limited amount of time.

There are many different SHL verbal tests. Nevertheless, they can be summarised into two types according to the skills being tested:

  • Verbal Reasoning – These tests measure a candidate's ability to understand, analyse, and interpret work-related written texts. Each test has a different difficulty level and job-type-relevant texts.
  • Verbal Application – These tests measure basic knowledge of the language: vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Difficulty levels vary according to the job-level requirements.

SHL Verify Test

The SHL Verify test is likely to be administered to nearly all job levels. It is administered online and unsupervised, ans is later verified in a shortened version at the assessment centre.

This verbal test measures the ability to analyse and interpret written information. It includes a written passage that is followed by written statements. The candidate is required to evaluate the truthfulness of the statement in light of the passage (true/false/cannot say). The unsupervised test includes 30 questions and must be completed in 17-19 minutes, depending on the job level.

Verify tests are used for early screening of candidates, and those who fail to pass them do not even get a chance at the assessment centre. However, thorough practice may increase your odds.

Other Types of Verbal Tests

  • Verbal Analysis – This SHL verbal reasoning test is catered to senior managers. Texts are comprised of complex reports and policy documents. The candidate is required to answer multiple choice questions related to the text.
  • True/False/Cannot Say – This test is designed for graduates. The candidate is required to evaluate the truthfulness of arguments in light of a provided passage.
  • Verbal Comprehension – This test is catered to operational staff. The candidate is required to answer questions based on an understanding of written information.
  • Verbal Application – This test is designed for senior managers. Questions present sentences with 2–3 missing words and five answer choices to complete these sentences.
  • Verbal Usage – Similar to the verbal application test, this test is adjusted to operational level requirements.

Verbal reasoning tests are a common aspect of the recruitment process in many leading global and UK companies. JobTestPrep's experts have developed comprehensive SHL verbal reasoning practice tests that mimic the style of the -SHL tests to help you feel entirely prepared for your assessment. We provide company-specific tailored PrepPacks, such as the Macquarie psychometric assessment, the Philip Morris hiring process, as well as all-inclusive verbal reasoning preparation packs. Start practising with JobTestPrep and learn about the SHL verbal reasoning test answers.

Tips on How to Pass SHL Verbal Reasoning Tests

The list below helps you understand how to prepare and get the right SHL verbal reasoning test answers.

  1. Research – You should gather all the possible information in order to focus on relevant topics. First, make sure your tests are administered by SHL. Then, match your position requirements with the optional tests mentioned above (operational or graduate & senior management).
  2. Join JobTestPrep – Choose the suitable pack at the top of this page.
  3. Start practising – Practise SHL–style verbal reasoning tests as often as you can to improve your solving strategies and response times.
  4. Practise reading – Try to read relevant reading materials as much as you can during the period before the assessment. For example, if you apply for a graduate job in accountancy, read articles in financial newspapers. Practise reading under a time limit.

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