SHL Motivation Questionnaire

SHL Motivation Questionnaire

Many global corporates, as well as local businesses in the UK, use SHL MQM5 motivation questionnaire. MQM5 measures 18 factors that affect motivation, divided into four main areas.

Some of these factors are activity, achievement, power, personal growth, status, financial benefits, recognition, fear of failure and more.

SHL Motivation Questionnaire Format

You are usually presented with prompts that are followed by optional actions, rated as follows: Totally Unacceptable;Not helpful; Ok, but not ideal, A good thing to do.

Another response format could be choosing a letter between A and E, where A indicates the prompt can greatly reduce your motivation and E indicates the prompt can greatly increase your motivation.


After employees or candidates complete the motivation questionnaire, a report is produced which maps the areas that affect an employee's motivation according to the following division:

  • Highly motivating
  • Highly demotivating
  • Moderately motivating
  • Moderately demotivating

The employer is then given specific advice on how to emphasize motivating activities and eliminate demotivating ones.

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