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Why Should I Prepare for Psychometric Tests?

In order to allow your best traits to shine through during the testing process, preparing and practicing for these tests beforehand is the ideal choice. Knowing the material that will appear on the test and understanding the question styles will improve your scores on the real test. By training yourself to master the time constraints and overcome the pressure, you will raise your confidence, which will undoubtedly be reflected in your performance. Going that extra mile to prepare for your test will pay off dramatically.

In the video below, we ask “why should I prepare for a psychometric test?” and find that this seemingly trivial question has a not so trivial answer:


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Let's split our answer into 6 sections

1: Preparation Is a Commitment That Leads to Awareness

Preparing for your psychometric tests is often the first stage in the preparation process you must go through if you really want to get that job. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the greater your commitment to preparing properly, the more you become aware of the obstacles you are facing. With the right dedication to your preparation you can overcome all of these stumbling blocks.

2: Pre-Exposure Means Less Stress

Doing something for the first time is always difficult, so is doing something you haven't done in a while. When you don't feel confident, you may be anxious and second-guess yourself, limiting how well you can do on the test.
By practising the skills you will need, you become more familiar with new and forgotten skills, reduce your stress levels, and ensure that you are calm, confident and at your best on test day.

3: Practising Tests Leads to Better Performance

Practising under time pressure, rehearsing calculations, and learning solving strategies all help you perform better on the real test. Research has shown that:

“By becoming more at ease with the tests you are taking, and more familiar with the process of being tested, you are able to work through quantitative and analytical problems more quickly, which ultimately will lead to a higher score.”
(Hausknecht and co)

4: You Become a Better Candidate and Employee

Every company has their own idea of the perfect employee. However most of this is based on the same set of expected behaviours and performance ideals.

Situational judgement tests, personality questionnaires and other psychometric tools are now more popular than ever. Through tests like this you are evaluated on your work etiquette, management, team working and professional skills to name just a few. The right preparation for these tests will help you acquire an understanding of what employers expect of you, and how to codify just how good an employee you are.

You can redefine the standards that you expect from yourself, benefiting you in more areas of life, not just in finding a job.

5: Employers & Test Providers Admit: Preparation Is Important

Most employers today expect you to come into your tests prepared and armed to perform at your best. Gone are the days when you were told you cannot practice for the test or you are given just two sample questions before plunging into the real thing. Now even the leading testing companies provide full length tests with answers. What they don't give you, though, is explanations or understanding of the concepts behind the questions. Employers expect you to understand that “practice makes perfect”. Whole pages on their recruitment sites give you tips on how to prepare, how much sleep to get ahead of time, and advise you to search the internet or read newspapers to learn more about the company.

6: Beat the Competition

Remember that the scores you receive on your test performance is compared to other candidates applying, creating a competition. Preparation can give you an advantage over the competition, getting you one step closer to the job offer.

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