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Latam Airlines’s Hiring Process

LATAM Airlines was formed through the merger of Brazil’s TAM Airlines and Chile’s LAN airlines in 2012, making it one of the largest airline groups in the world. If you are interested in beginning a fruitful career at LATAM, there are many things that you should prepare for prior to going through their recruitment process. The LATAM Airlines hiring process will often include:

  • Application Process: Prior to being able to search the Latam jobs webpage, you will need to create a new user account. Once you have an account and have selected a suitable position you will be prompted to apply and upload your CV to the Latam careers site.
  • Initial Interview: Depending on the role you have applied for with Latam Airlines, you should anticipate having either a phone or video screening interview. Screening interviews will often take place once your application and CV have been matched for the role you have applied for.
  • Employment Exam: A pre-hire entrance exam will be required for most positions at Latam. The most common types of psychometric tests used during the hiring process include numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning.
  • Assessment Centre: Not every role will require your attendance to an assessment centre. During an assessment centre you will meet with many other candidates and participate in various group activities, group interviews, and additional employment assessments.
  • Final Interviews: If you have successfully passed each of the aforementioned steps in the Latam hiring process you will be invited to participate in personal interviews. These interviews will either be held one-on-one, with a group or before a recruitment panel.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare?

JobTestPrep’s extensive online job preparation database comes with everything you will need to ensure your preparedness for your pre-hire exams and interviews. By accessing our comprehensive PrepPacks™ you will not only be able to familiarise yourself with the material you will be tested on, you will also be able to improve your overall test scores.

Knowing what to expect during the Latam recruitment process has never been easier than with JobTestPrep. Practising beforehand for each of your pre-hire tests & interviews will put you at a major advantage over other applicants vying for the same role. Launch your airline career with the help of JobTestPrep.



Latam Airlines Aptitude Tests

A variety of skills and personality traits are required by Latam Airlines in their employees. JobTestPrep has created in-depth practice tests for each of these assessments to ensure your ability to score high and exceed expectations. Below you will find more information regarding the practice materials being offered by JobTestPrep to prepare you for the role of your choice with Latam Airlines:

Pilot Aptitude & Psychometric Tests

Prior to being employed by Latam or any other airline, you will be required to take a pilot aptitude assessment. Aside from the pilot aptitude test, you may be required to take a variety of psychometric tests as well. These assessments include reasoning tests (numerical, verbal, etc.) as well as a personality exam.

Cabin Crew Aptitude Tests

If you are interested in being offered a cabin crew position with this or any other airline, you will be required to take a cabin crew aptitude test. The most common assessments administered to cabin crew hopefuls include those for basic numerical abilities and reasoning, verbal abilities, and personality tests.

Cabin crew assessments are usually given during an assessment centre or assessment day. You will be required to participate in a variety of group activities, aptitude tests, and group interviews during a cabin crew assessment day.

Psychometric & Interview PrepPacks™

If you are not applying for a cabin crew or airline pilot role with Latam, you may still be required to take a recruitment exam. Our psychometric preparation materials include those for numerical, verbal, abstract and logical reasoning, as well as situational judgment, personality questionnaires, and Microsoft Excel. Our PrepPacks™ include full-length practice tests, hundreds of practice questions, study guides, and video tutorials to ensure your preparedness for the Latam hiring process.

Give yourself an advantage over other Latam candidates & land the job you want with the help of JobTestPrep.

Latam Airlines Interview Process

During the Latam interview process, you will be asked a variety of questions concerning your CV, skills, and qualifications for the role you are pursuing. Below you will find several examples of questions that you are likely to be asked during the Latam interview process:

  • Why would you like to work for Latam Airlines Group?
  • How do you deal with difficult customers?
  • Why should we consider to hire you over other candidates?

If you are asked behavioural-style questions, it is highly recommended that you use the STAR interview method. This method will ensure that your responses remain both organised and engaging for your interviewer or interviewers.




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