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Why is Achieving a High Score Essential?

As you’re aiming for a high management position or trying to start a long-term career in management, you know that the selection process is demanding and competitive.

Letting your full potential show in these assessments is not an easy task, but learning about and for them will give you the edge over your competitor, upgrading your score from “good” to “top” – and turning you into the candidate employers headhunt.



How Can JobTestPrep Help You conquer the Korn Ferry Assessment?

Preparation is key to ensuring you display an accurate picture of your abilities. JobTestPrep is here to help.

JobTestPrep practice resources that are specifically tailored, tried and verified for Talent-Q. We also offer guides and drills that will teach you all you need to know and help you prepare for this very challenging assessment process.

Each test is followed by a complete score report that will tell you which answers you got wrong. Each question is complete with a full explanation that will help you understand your mistake and avoid it in the real test.

After a few practice runs, and after learning from your mistakes, your results in the real test will improve significantly.

Let’s learn a bit more about the types of tests you might encounter.


Korn Ferry Numerical, Verbal and Logical tests:

Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to utilize numerical information in your everyday work. Verbal tests examine how well you can extract and use written information. Logical tests measures your ability to discover abstract rules and patterns. For these assessments, Korn Ferry usually uses Talent-Q tests. Talent-Q is a global assessment company, and now part of the Korn Ferry Hay Group.

It is important to note that Talent Q's tests differ from other common psychometric tests in that they are adaptable. This means that depending on whether your response to a question is correct or incorrect, the system presents you with a subsequent question of either greater or lesser difficulty until your appropriate difficulty level is found.


You might also be asked to sit Raven’s progressive matrices – this test presents a pattern with a section missing and asks you to choose the correct shape to complete the pattern from a set of options. If you need help or have any more questions, our customer success team is available 24/7, and answers within 30 minutes.


Sample Question: 

Please identify the missing symbol: 

Talent-Q Elements Logical Test

Answer & Explanation

The correct answer:

Talent-Q Elements Logical Test

In each row the right cell consists of a duplication of the right symbol from the middle cell and an addition of a new symbol between the two identical symbols.

The complete logic:
In each row, the symbols in the middle cell are a combination of the symbols from the left and right (i.e. outer) cells so that:

✻  The left symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the left cell.

✻ The right symbol in the middle cell is identical to the outer symbols in the right cell.

The middle symbol in all three cells is different from all the other symbols in the row.


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Korn Ferry's 4 Dimensions of Leadership and Talent

Korn Ferry developed its 4 dimensions of leadership and talent to serve as the underpinning factors of the recruitment process it oversees. The assessments you experience on a Korn Ferry recruitment process are all designed to evaluate:

  • Competencies – observed skills and behaviours required for success 
  • Experiences – assignments or roles that prepare a person for future roles
  • Traits – the personal qualities, inclinations, and aptitudes that define the candidate
  • Drivers – the values and interests that motivate and engage you, driving your career path

Using three types of questions (strength sort, weakness sort, and word pairs), this test aims to assess your leadership style. Our personality test and guides and our situational judgment practice tests can help you better understand this assessment. They will tell you how to display the traits employers seek. 

While practicing is essential to success in these tests, there no need to study for weeks. A few hours’ worth of focused practice will help you acheive the best results in your assessment. A practice that includes a tests simulating the real test’s format will allow you to get used to the time limit and learn the tips and tricks best suitable for you.




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