Prepare for the Jet2 Pilot and Pilot Apprenticeships Numerical, Verbal Tests and Assessment Day

Are you applying to Jet2 Pilots or pilot apprenticeships? As the driving force of the airline, Jet2 only picks the best pilots out there. Therefore, the recruitment scheme is rigorous to ensure safety and success. Learn more about it in the following article with JobTestPrep.
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Jet2 is a low fare airline based in Leeds. The recruitment process designed for pilots and pilot apprentices is the same and includes online tests, interviews, group exercises and a simulator assessment. The following article outlines each of these stages and provides advice and useful preparation materials to help you achieve success.

Jet2 Pilot Recruitment Process

Jet2 Pilot Online Application

The first stage of the pilots recruitment process is filling out the online application. You need to supply your personal details, work and academic history as well as a covering letter specific to Jet2 and your CV. You must also detail all of your licensing information, flight certification, pilots courses and medals in order to verify your application. Upon submission, you receive a link to complete the online tests.

Jet2 Pilot Online Assessments

Once you have submitted the application, you can choose to complete the online tests whenever you like, however it is recommended to complete them quickly as your application cannot be reviewed without them. There is a numerical and verbal reasoning test and an OPI, or personality assessment, all provided by the Kenexa company. Please note that before the numerical and verbal tests, there is a short practice test you must complete. If you do not answer all the questions on the practice test correctly you cannot proceed to the real test.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests examine your ability to work with numerical information. In this test, you have 20 minutes to answer 20 questions. You are presented with a table or graph and asked 3-4 multiple choice questions in regard to the information shown. The questions involve calculating percentages and ratios. To help you answer correctly, review the basic mathematical functions and use our practice Kenexa-style numerical tests to sharpen your skills.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests assess how well you can understand and extract information from a written text. This is an 18 minute test with 24 questions where all of the questions are true/false/cannot say and each paragraph is followed by a set of 4 questions. It is important that you read each paragraph and question thoroughly before answering to avoid mistakes so practice is essential. Prepare with our Kenexa-style verbal tests to work on time management and effective reading.

Personality Test

This is an Occupational Personality Inventory (or OPI) test wherein the airline examines key areas of your personality to determine how well you can fit the position. There are 250 questions to answer by rating each statement between 1 and 5, strongly agree to strongly disagree. This test is not timed but it generally takes 40 minutes to complete. Although this test is solely based on your own personality, it is still possible and important to prepare. Learn how to understand the questions being asked and give answers that correctly reflect your personality with our practice personality tests.

Telephone Screening

If Jet2 likes what they see on both your application and in your test results, you will be contacted to set up a time for a telephone screening or interview. This is a chance for Jet2 to verify the details you have provided and get a general sense of your motivations for wanting to work for the airline. Make sure you have a copy for your CV and covering letter in front of you for reference. To prepare, review our free guide to interviews pdf. If the telephone interview goes well, you will be invited to an assessment day.

Jet2 Pilot Recruitment Assessment Day

Candidates who have successfully passed through the application and telephone screening stages of the recruitment process are invited to the assessment day. The day consists of a group exercise, computer-based tests and a face-to-face interview. We detail all of these below.

Group Exercise

In the group exercise, you are split into groups of 8-10 people (depending on the size of the assessment day) and given a discussion card with a few topics to discuss. The topics are not necessarily based on the role of a pilot but rather encourage you to work together to solve an issue. An example of a topic is what items would you save from a burning house and in what order. The key to success here is to make sure your voice is heard while allowing others to speak as well. Learn to master the group exercise with our preparation pack.

Computer Based Tests

You may be asked to complete a number of computer based tests dealing with numerical and technical knowledge. These tests are unique to pilots and can include spatial reasoning, tracking, flight control and compass tests.

Jet2 Pilot Interview

This final part of the assessment day is a face-to-face interview with a member of the Jet2 HR department. The aim of the interview is to get a better understanding of your personality and competencies as well as your knowledge about the airline. Example questions include:

  • What will you bring to Jet2?
  • Tell us about Jet2.
  • What do you know about Jet2? Tell us three major events that recently occurred in the world of aviation such as the last crash, aircraft orders, route expansion, mergers, etc.

You need to be sure to make the most of your time in the interviews, showing off your best side and impressing the interviewer. To ensure you dazzle, prepare for your interview with our Skype-based preparation with a trained assessor.

Following a successful performance during the assessment day, you will invited to a flight simulation with Jet2.

In Summary

Becoming a Jet2 pilot or pilot apprentice is hard work but you are rewarded with an exciting career. In this article with have outlined the recruitment process as well as provided advice and useful preparation resources to help you succeed at every stage. Good luck!

Have any experience applying to Jet2 Pilots? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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