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Whether you are applying for the Intel graduate scheme or the Intel internship program, the first thing you need to do is to fill in the online application form. Here you will have the opportunity to upload your CV. Make sure that it is in tip-top condition by using the CV builder to ensure that you show yourself in the best light. As well as uploading your CV you will have to answer some profiling and job questions assessing your ability. This is an opportunity for you to shine and show Intel that you have all the requisite skills necessary for the job. With correct preparation and dedication, you will be able to show that you are indeed worthy of a position at Intel. JobTestPrep offers you a comprehensive preparation package to get you ready for all the steps of the Intel recruitment process.

Intel Test

After you have successfully completed this section of the Intel selection process you will be sent the Intel aptitude test. This test is not a typical online assessment test, but rather completely skills oriented. In other words, you will be under timed conditions but the questions are technical in nature and depend on the stream that you have applied for. You have to make sure that your coding skills are up to scratch as they will come under constant scrutiny throughout the entire Intel selection process.


The Ultimate Prep for Your Intel Tests

It is becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for a job position. Companies are weeding unfitting job candidates out with meticulous care. Coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared leads to failure. Lest you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on your test, prepare for it with JobTestPrep’s resources. Purchase our materials and succeed in the Intel recruitment process.


Intel Telephone Interview

In the phone interview, you will be asked both technical and behavioural questions. Moreover, it is very important that you have questions to ask the interviewer as well. This shows that you have the motivation to work for the company by showing that you have done your research. You will be expected to show that you have the key competencies that Intel requires. They are known as the Intel Values and they are:

  • Customer orientation
  • Discipline
  • Quality
  • Risk-taking
  • Great place to work
  • Results oriented

The more you incorporate these values into your answers the more impressed the interviewer will be. Try our PrepPack for more interview practices.

Intel Assessment Centre

If you do well enough on the Intel phone interview you will be invited to attend the assessment centre in one of the Intel buildings. Each different job application has its’ own separate timetable and tasks but we will go through what you should prepare for. Our PrepPack offers you the material to get ready for the Intel assessment centre.


You will have two interviews on the Intel assessment day. One will be a behavioural and competency interview and the other will be a technical one. With regards to the behavioural interview, make sure that you include reasons why you have the Intel values and how you would bring them to the company. In the technical interview, you will go through your CV giving reasons and examples of all the skills and qualifications listed. Therefore, make sure you have good examples of everything that you have listed on your CV. When answering these questions, do so in the STAR method as this tells a story that is more likely to impress the interviewer.

In-Tray Exercise

In this exercise, you will be given reams of information to go through and make ready for presentation as well as prioritising what needs to be done. There is too much information to go through in the allotted time so you need to make sure that you know what is important and what isn’t. You will then present your information to two assessors who will guide you along the way as well as asking you, questioning why you chose this method over the other. See here for information about presentations and get practice on the In-Tray exercise here.

Group Exercise

In the group exercise, you will be with the rest of the candidates and be given a fun task. For example, all of you will be blindfolded and given a number of shapes. You will have to work out the missing shape within the 45-minute limit. For information on how to fully express yourself in these exercises click here.


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