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Prepra Grameenphone Hiring Process

To help you properly prepare for the hiring process, here are some important tips, which can help you in this process.

Tip: Research the Company’s Products

It is safe to say that the company will check you out very thoroughly, so it is important for you to counter-check them. Find out as much as you can about the products the company produces and try to align your skills with the needs of the company. This will make your job during the interview and test stags much easier and will give you an advantage over other candidates.

Tip: Create Your Own Questions

When they ask you if you have questions for them never say no. They are looking for a candidate, which has a genuine interest in their products, clientele and standing in the industry, but most importantly that you can do your job. Ask what your day to day might look like; find out what their expectations are for you in the first three months; ask them what they think the most challenging part of the role is; enquire about hours, size of you team and if extra hours are expected.

At JobTestPrep it is our job to make sure you succeed in every segment of the Grameenphone hiring process.

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What Is the Numerical Series Test?

The Numerical Series Test asks you to find an omitted number in a sequence. What is important for solving tasks on this test is to understand the value of the interval between numbers. The questions posed on the Numerical Series Test usually consist of four visible numbers and one missing number. Check the arithmetic relationship between numbers and then look at intervals between them. You will find multiplications and divisions used in given sequences.

What Is the Purpose of the Personality Tests?

Like many other companies, uses personality assessments in order to evaluate their applicants’ workplace competencies and personas. Each company possesses its own unique culture and standards, so in using personality assessments during the recruitment process, has the ability to find the candidate with the personality profile that is the best match for their company.


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