EE Head Office is in charge of one of the largest mobile operations in the UK which means they are looking for outstanding candidates with lots of experience. If you are considering applying for a senior position with EE, it’s best to know what to expect from hiring process and how to can prepare. We lay out some of the major stages, which include online tests, interview and assessment exercises and how you can prepare for them beforehand to ensure success.

EE Experienced Hire Online Tests

If you are applying to EE as an experienced professional for a management or senior role, you can expect of suit of aptitude tests from the Saville Consulting’s Analysis series. This includes numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning. You may also be asked to sit a SJT.

Numerical Reasoning Test

An examination of your skills and abilities in maths, numerical reasoning tests are an important indicator of your potential job performance. The test includes tables and graphs which you need to analyse and understand along with evaluating quantities, making numerical inferences and comparing data. Our Saville Analysis style numerical practice tests cover all of these skills to help you prepare for the real thing.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal skills, both for communication and logical thinking, are another set of important skills EE is on the lookout for. On a basic level this includes understanding word meaning and comprehension of texts as a whole. Beyond that, it also includes making verbal inferences and comparing the arguments of a text. Give yourself that necessary review before the real assessment with our Saville Analysis style verbal practice tests.

Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Differing from the usual numerical and verbal tests, diagrammatic tests swap numerical and alphanumerical information for shapes and patterns to assess your logical thinking capabilities. These tests can be tricky and require you to be very familiar with analysing the images to spot the information you need. Learn more about Saville’s diagrammatic tests and how to prepare.

EE Video Interview

If you have performed well on the online tests, EE will be in touch with you to set up a video interview. This is EE’s first opportunity to get to know you as a candidate and you will be asked questions relating to the competencies the company is in search of. Have a copy of your CV close by and write down examples you want to share with the interviewer of when you have exemplified the values they are looking for.

In Summary

EE senior management roles are tough shoes to fill and the challenging recruitment process we have detailed above helps the team to find the best candidates. Come out on top by preparing with our tailored practice materials. Good luck!