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Deswik Hiring Process Preparation

At JobTestPrep it is our job to make sure that you succeed in every aspect of the Deswik hiring process including all tests and interviews. The competition will be stiff and the segments challenging, but we are here to help you succeed, as your success is ours.

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Deswik Interview Prep Questions

A critical part of the hiring process that so many do not take into proper consideration is preparing for interview questions. Here are a number of questions to start getting that pre-interview motor running.


Have you ever been asked to learn a new skill without an introduction? The workplace is fluid and dynamic and the hiring manager wants to fully ensure that you can pick up new skills as the company need them. Think about online courses, YouTune or simply sitting with a more experienced employee to figure out what you need to do.

Technical Skills

If the company’s CRM crashed in the middle of a workday what would you do? This question is of course reserved for those being hired as programmers and the like. Walk the interviewer through your knowledge of the program and methodologically how would you check for bugs and the core issue.

Soft Skills

How do you organize multiple tasks? The evaluation of soft skills is very important because a job goes beyond technical knowledge. The interviewer will get a glimpse via your you answer into your past work behaviour and will be looking to see if you give canned responses to try to move to the next question. Give a real example of how you seamlessly moved between tasks to get it all done and what you did to keep yourself calm through the storm.


Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

Revelian's Cognitive Ability Test is a pre-employment assessment test which comprised of 51 questions that should be done in 20-minutes. The test focus on the following topics: Verbal reasoning and logical thinking test questions (inductive and deductive reasoning test questions)

  • Numerical reasoning test questions - these tests assess your ability to work with numbers, often testing your skills with the four basic numerical functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Abstract reasoning test questions - these tests assess your lateral thinking, typically presenting you with a series of different shapes where you have to deduce the underlying pattern and apply the rule to select the correct missing shape. Logical reasoning tests are often divided into inductive and deductive reasoning tests. Inductive reasoning measures the inference of general rules from particular instances, whereas deductive reasoning assess the inference of particular instances from a general rule - you can read more about deductive reasoning test practice here.
  • Verbal reasoning test questions- these questions assess your ability to understand, analyse, and interpret information presented to you in the form of a written passage or text.


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