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About JobTestPrep’s Deltek CEB SHL-Style Packs

Do you want to get a better sense of what type of questions, formats and time constraints your upcoming Deltek CEB SHL test will come in? Well, with Jobtestprep's PrepPack™ you get full answer explanations to over 750 questions, numerous study tips, video tutorials and more to fully prepare your for all relevant tests challenges.


Boost Your Chance of Success on Your Deltek CEB SHL Test

The CEB SHL Deltek assessments will be a breeze when using JobTestPrep’s highly effective preparation materials. Our PrepPacks™ were designed to get you through every aspect of the Deltek recruitment process. Ace your CEB SHL assessments and Deltek interview by signing up today!


Deltek Interview Expectations

The Deltek’s official interview process will begin with a several minute filtering phone call to see if match (at least on paper). Upon passing that stage and usually preliminary pre-hiring tests, you will then be invited to one or more face to face interviews with employees from the HR department all the way up through the hiring managers and beyond (depending on the seniority of the position). The various stages will aim to find out your availability, salary expectations, personality, and knowhow.

Deltek Assessment Centre Objective

Assessment Centers are gaining popularity these days due to a common belief that they provide a more accurate measurement of job candidates’ suitability for the position than any other means of assessment. Employers maintain that neither testing nor interviewing is enough to make a correct hiring decision about job candidates’ professional aptitude. Hence, during an assessment day, they ask job candidates not only to take several written tests but also participate in group discussions, case studies, and in-tray exercises. Applicants also make oral presentations and show themselves during various social events organized by employers. While applicants are engaged in these activities, assessors subject them to scrutiny and give them points summed up by the end of the event. Candidates who collect more points get interviewed by companies’ high managers and owners.

Why Should I Prepare for the Deltek Aptitude Test?

Inviting job candidates to take the Aptitude Test has long become popular among employers. Many companies think that they do not create a full, accurate impression about job candidates, when they read their CVs or converse with them during a face-to-face interview. They maintain that asking applicants to take the Aptitude Test yields more reliable results and helps them choose the best candidates from the applicant pool. There are several Aptitude Tests that employers utilize during their hiring processes, each of which is designed to evaluate applicants’ different cognitive abilities. While questions contained in these Aptitude Tests are not extremely difficult, no one can answer them impromptu. Practicing is required, if you want to rise above your competitors. Prepare with JobTestPrep’s high-quality PrepPacks™ and convince your employers that you have all necessary abilities to perform the work well.

What Is the Purpose of the Deltek Verbal Assessment?

Verbal assessment tests are administered by Deltek to determine an applicant’s verbal logic and accuracy in drawing conclusion from written information.

What Kinds of Questions Does the Deltek Personality Test Contain?

Employers care about a healthy environment in their companies. Therefore, they make an effort to ensure that people whom they hire have pleasant personalities and are easy to get along with. They also want to ensure that their future employees will not work unproductively, willfully destroy the equipment, vent their anger on their coworkers, and harass others. To this end, employers introduced the Personality Test into their pre-employment assessment. Before making a hiring decision, they ask job candidates to answer about 80-120 questions contained in it. These tests are of different formats. You may be required to guess how people feel about a particular situation; or you may need to rank your own reaction to specified statements on the scale from 1 to 10, stating whether you agree or disagree with them and how strongly so. Needless to say, you must answer the test’s questions honestly and without preparation. Still, it is highly advisable to practice before you take your actual Personality Test. Going through a few dry runs with JobTestPrep’s Personality Test will help you create a more impressive personality profile and then make a more favorable impression on your interviewers.

What to Avoid at the Deltek Face-To-Face Interview?

When you arrive to the face-to-face interview, do your best to be punctual. You do not want to keep interviewers waiting for you and, in so doing, antagonize them, even before you start answering questions. You may also need to have few minutes before the interview to collect your thoughts. Always remember the names of your interviewers. When you are called for the second round of the interview process, you will score more points, if you remember names of the people who interviewed you before. During the interview, try to stay cool under all provocations. Interviewers may challenge your answers only to see how you behave under pressure. You will strengthen a good impression you are making on the recruiters, if you avoid being confrontational in response to their attack. Do not lie. You may do yourself a huge disservice, if you tell tall tales on the interview. Instead of benefitting you, lies may cost you a job offer.

How Can I Best Prepare for the Deltek CEB SHL?

When choosing JobTestPrep to aid you in yourDeltek CEB SHL interview process you will gain exclusive access to high end practice tests, score reports, study guides, which will provide you with everything you need to excel on your tests

How Seriously will Deltek Review My CEB SHL Test?

The CEB SHL Tests are being weighed heavier as part of grading applicants for the simple reason that Deltek wants to understand your true skill sets, abilities and attitudes before onboarding you.

What Activities Are Performed During the Deltek Assessment Day?

If you are invited to the Assessment Centre, you may be asked to make a short presentation on the subject given to you beforehand. You will also participate in group discussions and case studies. Other activities in which you will be invited to take part are simulation exercises and role playing. In addition, there are also individual tasks. You will need to pass tests and personality assessments and have one or two interviews with your prospective managers.


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