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CV Tips

  1. Short and Sweet  Be sure to keep your personal profile information short and sweet. Use Keywords and list format to include all that you want to without writing too much. If you feel your personal profile should be longer for any reason you may add to your CV a cover letter and include any and all personal information there. Keep the Personal Profile on the actual CV short and concise.

  2. Several Jobs – If you're applying to several jobs it is a good idea to create two or three different CVs that are each specifically tailored for the position for which you're applying. You can tailor your CV in the Personal Profile section, in the Objectives section, in the Skills section, and in the Interests section. Our CV Builder allows you to create many CVs quickly and easily and save each for reuse at any point.

  3. International Jobs  If you're applying to a job overseas be sure to include your international phone number including the country code so that employers may contact you from wherever they are located.

  4. CV Length  It is estimated that employers will review a CV in approximately eight seconds so keep your resume concise. Your CV should be no longer than two pages. If this poses a challenge you may think about including a cover letter in which you can state most of the personal information and some of your skills and objectives. Then remove excess information from your CV to make it as close to one page as you can.

  5. Mistakes – Employers receive high volumes of CVs for any given position and will look for any way to dismiss a CV. Having spelling or grammatical mistakes are one of the quickest ways for employers to dismiss a CV. Our CV Builder has a complete spell check feature built in and that will help greatly. However, we also recommend that you read through your CV very carefully many times before submitting it.

  6. Honesty is the Best Policy – When writing your CV make sure to be honest. It is a common misconception that everyone lies on their CV or exaggerates their actual achievements. Tell the truth because if you're caught lying you'll surely not be given the job. With employers typically putting candidates through multiple rounds of interviews you don’t want to get caught up in a lie. It's much better to admit you don’t know something but that you're capable and eager to learn.

  7. Relevance – Keep the information of your CV relevant. For example, you may want employers to know you are a compassionate person, so just say it. Don’t write about all of the animals you have rescued in the past two years, or the cat in your building who you leave milk out for. While compassion may be a hugely valuable skill and should be mentioned if applicable the stories to prove your compassion are most likely not.

  8. Gap Years – Don’t leave gaps in your CV. If there was a year in which you didn’t work explain in your CV what you did do. Travel, educations, hobbies, volunteer work can all be listed when describing what you did during a period in which you were not working. And all can be used in your favor when described correctly.

  9. Email Addresses  Use a professional email address. If you have had the same email address since you were a teenager and it is something like do not use it. With so many email servers today you should create a new email address that is professional and serious. It should be your name or initials one or two numbers if necessary. (The number should not be 69).

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