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In addition to a list of tips for writting a cover letter, JobTestPrep has outlined a general cover letter format below.
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Your Cover Letter should be no longer than one page. If you find it is longer than that you're most likely writing an essay and not a cover letter. A cover letter must maintain a careful balance of including all the necessary information and excluding irrelevant information. Listed below are some simple guidelines that will help to ensure you do just that.


Always include in the header your full name, your current address, a contact phone number, your email address, and the date.

Opening Paragraph

Introduce yourself briefly; state your current position if you are working or your current academic status if you are in school or a recent graduate. If you are returning from a gap year or a break in employment briefly state what you have done since your last date of employment. Then state the job you're applying for and how you heard that the job was available. State why you want the job briefly and your qualifications for the job.

Second Paragraph

In more detail state your qualifications for the job and support claims with background information about your employment history, educational history, or relevant life experience. Do not restate your entire CV. Use this opportunity to expand on your qualifications in more detail and with more character. State what you can bring to the position and why you would be an excellent candidate for the job. Do not be afraid to sell yourself but do not forget to be humble.

Closing Paragraph

In the paragraph mention your willingness to provide any further information that may be necessary. State your interest in coming in for an interview and state the best way to reach you. Thank the reader for his or her time and consideration and state that you hope to be in contact soon.

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