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Preparation for the AVEVA Hiring Process

AVEVA was founded in 1967 and is now a world-leading technology company, specializing in engineering and design. They are an Information Management Software Provider and offer mission-critical solutions to contractors around the world. AVEVA has a variety of long-term careers and hires students and graduates for AVEVA internships and graduate programs.

The AVEVA recruitment process is detailed below:

Online Application: The initial step of the application process can be done by filling out the online application form and submitting one’s resume. Applicants can also apply through an employee referral or a campus recruiter.

Telephone Interview: Once a candidate’s application is reviewed and deemed acceptable, an HR recruiter may contact them over the phone and conduct a screening interview before inviting them for an onsite interview.

In-Person Interview: The in-person interviews vary in quantity and method depending on the position candidates apply for. Interviews may be conducted with one or more managers. Additionally, Assessment Centre days take place in a group setting with other competitors and entails exercises, group discussions, and case studies.

Tests: Candidates may be required to take certain entrance exams which evaluate their technical knowledge, skills, and cognitive abilities. The AVEVA test process may differ based on the role each candidate applies for.

AVEVA’s CEB SHL Test Practice

Psychometric tests may be given in the form of aptitude exams, measuring candidates’ abilities, knowledge, and skill set. CEB's SHL contains many different tests which are chosen by employers based on the requirements of the selection process. Specific tests are chosen for IT and computer support jobs, as well as for technical positions.

CEB SHL reasoning exams, also known as verify tests, include several different categories. The numerical reasoning exam evaluates applicants’ comprehension of statistical data, tables, and logical deduction ability. containing statistical and numerical information, as well as your ability to make logical deductions. The verbal reasoning test assesses test-takers’ understanding of written passages and their opinions regarding the given information. The logical reasoning exam assesses how candidates’ solve problems and deal with issues which may arise in a flexible, controlled manner.

Other CEB SHL assessments include the OPQ32 personality questionnaire and the situational judgment test (SJT). OPQ32 is a personality test used to give companies an idea of one’s behavioural attributes, character traits, and potential work performance. SHL’s SJT displays potential work-related situations and evaluates candidates’ responses.

Start Practising for AVEVA’s CEB SHL Test Today.

AVEVA Interview Questions

You may be invited to come in for the AVEVA assessment centre day may be asked to conduct a brief presentation, participate in group discussions, and solve case studies. The face-to-face interview process may entail questions of a technical nature and depend on the position being applied for. Keep in mind that interviewers are evaluating your skills pertaining to the job, so be sure to brush up on your knowledge beforehand.

Examples of AVEVA interview questions are:

  • What are the basic concepts of OOPS?
  • Why do you want to work at AVEVA?
  • What did you/do you study in school?
  • Tell us about a project you have worked on that you’re proud of.


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