Technical Selection Test – Prepare for your Army Recruitment Tests

Are you best suited to a British Army technical trade? If you have chosen a technical trade as one of your three army jobs choices, you will have to sit the TST (Technical Selection Test). JobTestPrep is here to help you get the army job you want.

Technical Selection Test Practice
  • 2 complete Technical Selection tests
  • 11 numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 7 numeracy skills practice tests 
  • 4 numerical series practice tests
  • 2 graph practice tests
  • Explanations and solving strategies
  • Timed tests with score reports
  • Secured payment
  • Including the latest updates
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7

If you have applied for a technical trade within the Royal Engineers, Royal Signals, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, or the Royal Logistic Corps, you will have to take the army TST. Where you are not sure whether you should take the test, contact your local recruiter, who will gladly help.

What is tested?

The format of the Technical Selection Test is:

  • 55 questions (28 different question types)
  • 45 minutes
  • A basic calculator is permitted

All the questions are mathematical in nature, and resemble the questions found in a GSCE paper. The questions range from adding and subtracting decimals to being able to read and deduce information from a graph. You will be given a pencil, some paper, and a basic calculator. You can find free sample questions here.

Technical Selection Test scores

The scores range from 0 to 55, depending on the number of correct answers. The threshold score for a role varies between the different roles. You should try to get the highest score you can to confirm your suitability for the role you want.

Should you want to improve your score, you may take just one re-test with a minimum of 28 days between tests. The test scores are valid for 24 months from the date you passed.

The test is time limited and should be answered both accurately and quickly, as there is less than one minute for each question. Practise now with JobTestPrep to exercise TST-style tests, and find which solving strategies are most suitable for you.

How can we help?

We offer a tailored practice pack designed specifically to help you prepare for the Technical Selection Test. The pack includes complete practice tests with detailed explanations and score reports, as well as additional practice materials to help you brush up your skills before the test.

JobTestPrep hope to be of help to you and wish you best of luck in your recruitment process.

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