Army Numeracy Test – Prepare for your British Army Recruitment Test

The British Army Numeracy Test is an aptitude test that checks your numerical skills, and helps determine the scope of roles which are suitable for you. JobTestPrep now offer you free practice questions to prepare for your Numeracy Test.

What is the Numeracy Test?

A good grip on maths is an elementary requirement for the British Army. There is a minimum standard for you to be able to work efficiently within your team. To determine your maths ability you will have to take the Numeracy Test at the Army Development and Selection Centre. This test will help determine the roles which are suitable for you. Some important notes:

  • You do not have to be a maths genius to join the army. There are many roles in the army which suit all levels of maths abilities.
  • In the real test you should be given a pen and some paper to help you.
  • Candidates with a Maths GCSE certificate of *A-C are not required to sit this test.


Free Numeracy Test Questions

Question 1

If we add the number of sides in a hexagon to the sum of its angles, we get?

  1. 720
  2. 726
  3. 1080
  4. 1088


The correct answer is B.

Question 2

What is 0.0039645 to two significant figures?

  1. 0.01
  2. 0.1
  3. 0.039
  4. 0.0040


The correct answer is D.

Question 3

If we know that all the restaurant's dishes are priced in whole numbers, and that John tips only by 10% or 20%, which of the following could he have spent in the restaurant? (There could be more than one correct answer)

  1. 38.5
  2. 25.8
  3. 19.8
  4. 21.6


The correct answers are A, C and D.