Practice the ADF Aptitude Test - Tailored Preparation for Your YOU Session

Considering joining the Australian Defence Force (ADF)? Here we introduce you to the different sections in the ADF Aptitude Test given at the YOU Session, and offer our help in improving your score and increasing your chances of getting the job you want.
ADF Aptitude Test Practice

Be ready for your YOU Day! General and Mathematical Ability Practice tests.

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The first hurdle all ADF/ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) candidates have to pass in order to advance in the recruitment process is the YOU Session test, which includes:

These two tests may be the only psychometric tests you will have to face, although you might be required to sit several others, depending on the position you apply for. Thus, your performance in these tests may determine the positions you will be allowed to apply, as some require higher scores than others. If a high enough score is not attained, you may still get a call from a Defence Recruiter regarding recruitment for a different job, but not the position you were aiming for.

While the ADF website recommends practising questions in advance in order to pass the test successfully, they do not provide sufficient resources that simulate real test conditions. To that end, we have created a practice pack specifically to help you with the types of questions you will find on your ADF Aptitude Test. We offer two full-length (timed and non-timed) General Ability practice tests, along with solving tips and tricks, lots of additional practice questions, and professional study guides for basic arithmetic subjects. Click here to get our ADF aptitude practice pack!

For more information about the YOU Session and the recruiting process see here >>

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