Prepare for the AOSB Briefing, Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Awareness Aptitude Tests

Are you looking to become an officer in the British army? The Army Officer selection process is challenging as the military is looking for the best leaders out there. Learn more about the tests for the AOSB briefing and how to prepare with AOSB practice tests from JobTestPrep.
AOSB Test Preparation

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The AOSB briefing is very similar to the assessment centre you might have for any other job. The centre lasts for three days with the tests, known as the Army Officer Mental Aptitude Profile, given on the first day. The Army Officer aptitude test includes numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning sections. This article focuses on the aptitude testing section of the AOSB briefing however the centre also includes physical fitness tests, a planning exercise, group discussions and an interview.

Why Aptitude Tests?

The British army is looking for certain mental abilities in their potential officers and use aptitude tests to determine whether or not you are up to par. Each of these tests examine a different skill set, such as logical thinking, understanding, analysis, and problem solving skills. Ideal officer candidates are able to generate a variety of ideas and find creative solutions to problems. They are able to focus on and identify what is relevant to their current task. These abilities are all examined through the aptitude tests.

AOSB Aptitude Test

The Army Officer aptitude test is comprised of three sections: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and abstract awareness. The entire test is made up of multiple choice questions completed on the computer. You are given paper to jot down any notes or rough-working necessary during the tests. Note that the tests are strictly timed and it is possible to not finish all of the questions in the time allotted. Therefore it is necessary to work quickly and efficiently answer as many questions as you can. Practice tests help your time management.

Numerical Reasoning

This section contains 36 questions and lasts for 15 minutes. You are given numerical data, presented in a graph or table and asked four questions pertaining to the data. For each question you are given five answer options to choose the correct one. You may not use a calculator during the test as mental arithmetic is one of the abilities the assessors are on the lookout for.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal section of the test involves 40 questions to answer in 15 minutes. You are presented with short passages to read and then four statements related to the text. Your task is to decide if the statement is true, false or you cannot say based on the information in the text. Careful reading is imperative here as you need to be able to fully understand the text.

Abstract Reasoning

This portion of the test asks 70 questions and is 12 minutes in length. Each question presents two sets of shapes, Set A and Set B. Your first task is to determine how the shapes in each set are related. You are then given five further shapes and must determine if they belong in Set A, Set B or neither.

How to Prepare for the AOSB Tests

The best way to prepare for the mental section of the AOSB briefing is with AOSB practice tests. Here at JobTestPrep we have designed a pack specific for Army Officer applicants taking the AOSB. These practice tests give you a feel of the question style and help practice your skills so you can manage your time wisely during the real test.

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