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About Yamaha Motor Europe

Yamaha Motor Europe N.V (YME) coordinates the marketing and sales activities of Yamaha Motor products in the European marketplace.

Prepare for Yamaha Motor Europe N.V's Tests

The steps in the YME hiring process are:

  • Application: Send your updated CV to the relevant position.
  • Phone Interview: The HR representative will call you to schedule a meeting.
  • Interview: You will be invited to an in-person interview with the professional manager. You might have more rounds as well, with interviewers such as the HR manager and the SEO.
  • Exams: You may be asked to take some tests. An important test is Talent-Q, which assesses your abilities in numerical, verbal, logical, and other reasoning tests.
    Click here for more information about Talent-Q.
  • Assessment Centre: If you will be invited to an assessment day, you may be required to do a case study assessment,
    a presentation, or a personality test. The advantage of assessment centres is that they give the interviewers a better and bigger picture of who you are, and if you are suitable for the company. 

YME’s Aptitude Tests

Talent-Q is an innovative online psychometric assessment, with which YME can make a more informed decision about you, as their candidate. JobTestPrep’s PrepPacks™ provide practice tests that cover numerical, verbal, logical, and combination tests.

  • Talent -Q: Our materials are aimed to give you a complete practise so you will be ready for your Talent -Q tests.

You might be asked to take the following exams as well:

  • SJT: Situational judgement test. Its goal is to illustrate a perspective of your work etiquette, problem solving skills,
    and managerial abilities.
  • Personality: Evaluates your work-related characteristics, behaviour, strengths and weaknesses, and so on.
  • Abstract Reasoning: Assesses your general intellectual potential and ability to work out new concepts and ideas.
  • Excel: Evaluates your excel knowledge and level.

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YME’s Interview Questions

As part of the hiring process, you may encounter the following interview questions:

  • Please describe your previous work experience in detail.
  • Why did you choose applying for this company and position?
  • What are your main Strengths & Weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in three years? 

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