Pymetrics Games BAT (British American Tobacco) - Guide and Practice

The 12 Pymetrics Games are the first obstacle you will face on your way to a job at BAT.

The following guide will try to provide you with all the information you need about the British American Tobacco Pymetrics Games, as well as the one and only accurate preparation for the real thing.

Let's get going.

British American Tobacco Pymetrics Practice

The first and ONLY accurate Pymetrics Games practice - Interactive simulations for all 12 Pymetrics games that look like the real test. Full explanations on how to approach each game.

  • Money Exchange Game #1
  • Money Exchange Game #2
  • Balloon Game
  • Digits Game
  • Tower Game
  • Keypresses Game
  • Stop Game
  • Arrows Game
  • Lengths Game
  • Faces Game
  • Hard or Easy Game
  • Cards Game



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What Are the BAT Pymetrics Games?

British American Tobacco (BAT) is using the Pymetrics Games to screen all its candidates. By using an elaborate AI algorithm, these 12 games assess a variety of traits such as trust, risk-taking, learning ability, empathy, and more.

Below you will find a brief description of these games.

Pymetrics Money Exchange Game

Pymetrics' Money Exchange #1 Game

The 12 BAT Pymetrics Games

These are the standard 12 games used in the British American Tobacco Pymetrics assessment:

  • Balloon Game – Pump balloons to earn money and collect it before the balloon explodes.
  • Tower Game - Rearrange three towers with the least moves.
  • Money Exchange Game #1 – Perform mutual transactions with another AI-based player.
  • Money Exchange Game #2 -Same as Money Exchange Game #1, but with different rules.
  • Keypress Game – Press and stop pressing your space key based on the instructions.
  • Hard/Easy Task Game – Choose between two tasks based on their probabilities of success.
  • Digits Memory Game – Memorize a sequence of digits.
  • Stop Game – Recognize shapes and colors based on given rules.
  • Arrows Game – Determine the direction of quickly flashing arrows.
  • Lengths Game – Notice slight differences in two nearly-identical images.
  • Cards Game – Recognize patterns in a deck of cards to maximize your gains.
  • Faces Game – Recognize the emotion conveyed in a person’s face.


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The ONLY Accurate Prep for the Pymetrics Games at BAT!

  • Mock practice tests for all 12 games - Recreate the actual test experience in advance.
  • Guides and explanations - Learn how to play to outperform the competition.
  • Know what each game measures - Let your potential shine through the games, for the specific position YOU want.

What Do the BAT Pymetrics Assessment Assess?

The 12 Pymetrics Games measure around 90 traits in 9 categories:

  • Attention
  • Decision Making
  • Effort
  • Emotion
  • Fairness
  • Focus
  • Generosity
  • Learning
  • Risk Tolerance

Each Pymetrics game actually assesses more than one category, So, when taking the BAT Pymetrics test (and when preparing for it), consider your particular position and what combination of traits is best for it.

Here are four examples:

  • Technical – Attention and Focus (Arrows Game), Effort  (Easy/Hard Game)
  • Management – Decision Making (Easy/Hard Game), Risk Tolerance (Balloon & Money Exchange Game)
  • Marketing – Emotion (Faces Game), Decision Making (Easy/Hard Game)
  • Legal - Fairness (Money Exchange Game), Focus (Arrows Game)

Can You (and Should You) Prepare for Your BAT Pymetrics Test?

If you have already looked through British American Tobacco's selection process webpage, you might have found their tip to "just be you".

While that might be the case with interviews (again, might), it is certainly not the case in the Pymetrics Games.

Well, if you want to succeed.

This taps directly into the two most common misconceptions about the BAT Pymetrics Games:

  • Misconception #1 - These are pretty simple games you can do on the fly and shouldn’t prepare for them.
  • Misconception #2 - There are no right or wrong answers in Pymetrics games, so there is no way of preparing for them.

Firstly, Pymetrics' innocent-looking games are not simple at all. They operate on a complex AI mechanism that constantly monitors your actions, and creates your profile for BAT. If you want to actually show the best of you, you need to know what the games measure, and how to prepare.

Secondly, there are right and wrong answers. Yes, there are indeed no hard and fast “right answers” as on a multiple-choice question, but since Pymetrics is a screening tool, there are definitely better and worse ways for playing the games.

BAT (British American Tobacco) Pymetrics Assessment Preparation that Actually Works!

  • Peek behind the scenes - Understand what the Pymetrics Games measure and how.
  • Practical approach - Actual testing experience before the real thing.
  • Guides and explanations - Learn how to play to outperform the competition.