Ikea is a large home furnishing retailer with many paths of entry, from till workers and warehouse stockers to designers and HR. While you can easily apply to jobs within the UK (national jobs) you can also apply to jobs around the world (international jobs). If you are already an Ikea employee, the internal recruitment process is very different from external recruitment. This article focuses on the Ikea recruitment process for external candidates.

The Ikea application form begins with a simple Ikea online application. You are asked to supply your basic details such as name, contact information and your availability to start work. You must attach a copy of your CV and a covering letter to the application. There are a few more questions to answer about languages (a plus for an international company) and your prospective placement but all in all it is a quick process.

Following a successful application, you will be contacted by Ikea for a short telephone interview to review your CV. During this time you will be invited to to an Ikea assessment day or hiring event.

During the Ikea assessment day you face a number of challenges including: a personality test, aptitude tests, group exercises, a case study and an individual interview. Before the assessment centre, review the job description and Ikea key competencies to help give you some guidance.

If you come through the Ikea assessment day successfully, you are on your way to getting that prized job offer. Good luck.