Pass Boots Online Assessment: Numerical, Verbal & SJT Tests Online Practice

Get a head-start on the Boots recruitment process and prepare for your Boots assessment test. Get ready with basic math, numerical reasoning and SJT materials, so you will be fully prepared for every step of the journey.

Boots Aptitude Tests and Assessment Centre Practice
  • 8 basic math practice tests
  • 16 numerical reasoning tests
  • 7 word problems tests
  • 9 number series practice tests
  • 5 graduate SJT's
  • 6 management SJT'S
  • 9 numerical drills
  • 20 study guides & video tutorials

Our PrepPack™ has an assortment of numerical tests that include tables and graphs, basic math, word problems, number series and drills. Also included are SJT management and graduate exams along with a series of study guides and video tutorials to further promote you for the position at hand.

About Boots

Boots is one of the biggest pharmacy-led health and beauty centres in the world and gaining entry to work there is a long process. This is particularly so in Boots graduate scheme, known as the talent programmes where you work in the head office. In this article, we will focus on this application process as it is the most detailed. However, this does not exclude the other paths of entry, so find what you need below.

The Boots Recruitment Process: Application Form

The first task that you need to complete, and this goes for any application to Boots, is the online application form. This is a fairly simple form where you are given the opportunity to upload both your CV and a relevant cover letter. When crafting these documents, it is important to try and get them to “fit in” to the company as much as you can. This means that for example when you add your experience you should ensure that this fits in with the job you are applying for and also the company values. These are listed on your application form and, in general, are centred on giving great customer service.

As well as these important documents, if you are applying to the Boots graduate scheme you need to answer a number of competency questions. For example, you may have to answer the following: How does Boots compare with other retail competitors? What could we improve on? You are given 500 words to answer this question and have to really show the ideals that Boots are looking for. Make sure you are completely clear on the competencies and values of the company in order to answer the questions in the best possible way.

Learning how to do this is an art form of sorts as you have to show that you have the necessary skills and experience but not in a way that is merely a list. You need to know how to connect with the reader and encourage them to take your Boots application form further. 

Situational Judgement Test

Some streams of applications will face a situational judgement test or SJT for short. In this test, you are presented with a number of different scenarios that are likely to come in the actual job. It is your task to select two of the four or five possible options to the issue and decide which one you are most likely to do and which you are least likely to do. Some of these issues actually seem to be repetitive; in fact, they are repetitive and this style of test is used to try and catch out anyone who is not sure of their answers. Learning how to answer these questions and giving the right impression whilst doing so is a skill that can be taught with proper training. See how we can help you understand SJTs here or here to try free SJT sample questions.

Boots Numerical Reasoning Test

The Boots numerical reasoning test assesses your mathematical skills. You are presented with a number of different numerical data items including charts, tables and word problems. After carefully assessing the data, you need to answer the multiple choice questions in a short space of time, generally just under a minute. In answering the questions you need to use a variety of basic mathematical skills including the four basic functions, ratios and percentages. You also need to know precisely how to use a calculator and its functions so you can save time that is of the essence. Taking these tests is difficult for a number of reasons. Not only is the content often difficult to comprehend as it is often unfamiliar but you have to answer the questions under severe time pressure. Answering questions under this kind of pressure is difficult, but the best way to prepare for this test is to practise under this time pressure. Here at JobTestPrep, we are experts at providing these tests and they include full explanations ensuring that everything is completely clear so you can take the real Boots numerical reasoning test with complete confidence in your mathematical ability.

Boots Verbal Reasoning Test

Applicants to some roles with Boots will be invited to take a verbal reasoning test. The Boots verbal reasoning test is designed to assess your skills at understanding and analysing written content to help provide answers to questions. In these tests, you are asked to assess whether a statement is true, false or you cannot say based on the information in the text only, or to answer a multiple choice question on the text. These tests are timed, which creates pressure when faced with a long passage to read, and less than a minute to answer each question! Our verbal reasoning practice packs are designed to give you solving tips and strategies, as well as practice in answering questions quickly and accurately. Prepare for the Boots verbal reasoning test with our specially created verbal reasoning test practice pack.

How to Pass Boots Online Assessments

We have seen that there are many different aspects to the Boots recruitment process and whilst you will not receive them all you will face different challenges throughout that you need to prepare for in order to succeed. Boots is a household name and they pride themselves on their excellent customer service, hence the need for an exhaustive recruitment process. Use our expertly selected PrepPacks™ in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

Boots Telephone Interview

If the application in the first stage becomes short-listed, you will be invited to take part in a telephone interview. This interview should last around 15 minutes. It is an opportunity to discuss the programme and for you to explain what interested you about working for Boots.

Boots questions are of competency and situational nature. The best way to answer these questions is in the STAR method, as it provides a complete snapshot of your skills. Additionally, in order to fully prepare for an interview, JobTestPrep recommends a mock interview. This preparation package ensures that you receive a complete interview with a trained assessor who will give you tips and help to improve your interview performance.

Boots Assessment Centre

Whether you are applying for the Boots graduate scheme or for an in-store position you will be invited to attend an assessment centre where you will have a number of different activities. These are outlined below. When attending the Boots assessment centre you have to bear in mind that even if working for Boots is just a job for you, Boots want you to feel as if you want to work there as if it is your personal project.

The different exercises are detailed below:

Boots Interview Assessment

This Boots interview is similar to the interview you have already come through previously. The major difference is that it will be one to one instead of over the phone. It is competency-based and focuses on your desire to work for Boots and help out any customer that needs it. Make sure you know what you have written for your previous answers as they may come under the microscope of the interviewer.

Some Boots interview questions are:

  • Why do you want to join Boots?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to work with people who you didn’t know.
  • Tell me about a time when you saw someone who needed help. What did you do to help them?
  • Tell me about a time you went out of your comfort zone to help someone.

Boots Case Study

If you are applying for a Boots graduate scheme you will complete a case study exercise. You are given a situation and a set of information relevant to the area you are applying to, and asked to provide a report on a topic. Case studies require you to be able to put yourself right into the situation, and to make decisions that reflect the values of the company. Prepare for your case study exercise with our online practice pack.

Boots Group Exercise

In the group exercise, you will be presented with information in a brief relating to the company. This is typically a decision that has to be taken regarding the possible set up of a new store in a different location. You are given the necessary facts and figures to make a reasoned decision. Although the decision that you make as a group is important this is however not the most important aspect of the group exercise. You are being tested on how you react in a group, are you an easy going person, a leader, an encourager? They are looking for specific traits and this is the difficulty of this task. See what JobTestPrep have to say about group exercises to give you a better chance of success.

If you have applied to an in-store position you will have to play the role of a customer assistant and this will actually take place meaning that you will be thrown in at the deep end. You are given a short tour of the store following which you have to interact with some of the customers there. You have to show that you are polite and respectful to their needs as well as knowing where items are. You will be told about the location of the Boots you are being assessed in so make sure you go there beforehand so you know your way around the store.