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Prepare for the Myer Hiring Process

Founded in the 1900’s, Myer Holdings became the largest department store group in Australia. They operate about 65 stores providing leading fashion lines and merchandise sourced from suppliers around the world. Myer offers the latest international brands and is focused on their customers’ and employees’ satisfaction.

An outline of the Myer recruitment process is detailed below:

Application: Going through the initial application process can be done with the online application form, by giving answers on your CV regarding your skills and work experience. Another form of applying can be done through an employee referral as well.

Telephone Interview: The first interview is performed as a brief phone call. You will initially be short-listed by matching your key skills against the position’s core requirements. You may be asked to confirm details to assist in the screening process.

In-Person Interview: Interviews may differ depending on the level of the position being applied for. Face-to-face interviews may be performed as personal or panel sessions. A behavioural interview may occur, in which you will be asked to provide examples from your previous job experience.

Assessment Centre: The Myer assessment centre day is performed with a group of other candidates. Employers are mostly looking to find out how you interact and communicate with others and work in a team.

Tests: Entrance exams may be required of you so that employers can determine whether you possess the desired requirements and abilities for the job.


The Myer CEB’s SHL Test

CEB's SHL tests are a part of the aptitude testing procedure, which are given in different forms to test abilities such as numerical, verbal, inductive, and deductive reasoning skills. Each test assesses a specific feature that employers search for in a worthy candidate. The verbal test measures the ability to comprehend passages and follows instructions properly. The numerical exam displays applicants’ capabilities in regard to their arithmetical knowledge and use of the charts and graphs presented to them. The logical tests display different images which candidates must connect and display their decision-making abilities. Logical reasoning tests are typically divided up into different types of reasoning tests; you can learn more about inductive reasoning tests or deductive reasoning test practice here.

CEB SHL also consists of behavioural assessments, such as the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32). The latter test pinpoints positive characteristics, leadership traits, and communication capabilities. The SJT presents specific scenarios which each give insight into how candidates may react in the future if they acquire the vacant position. Their answers are evaluated and scored against each candidate to choose the best employee.

Start Practising for Myer CEB’s SHL Test Process with JobTestPrep.

Myer Interview Questions

Employers seek to hire applicants who address behavioural and competency-based questions by discussing the situation and outline the action they took and the outcome of the situation. Generally, giving examples from the last two years is recommended.

Some interview questions which may come up are:

  • Why do you want to work at Myer?
  • What qualities should a team player have?
  • What brand represent you?
  • Describe a difficult work situation you experienced and how did you deal with it.


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