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Lotte Department Store's Hiring Process

The first step to getting hired is to understand how the hiring process will be structured thereby being able to prepare to meet expectations. Your upcoming Lotte Department Store interview and hiring process will look something like this.

The Lott hiring process will be a one-day affair, which will take up to 12 hours to complete.

  • Step 1: In this first round you will be subjected to a wide range of tests in math and verbal reasoning, logic, English, Excel and more. Of course, every position may have its own combination of tests, but JobTestPrep will give you the tools you need.
  • Step 2: Next you will have a standard one-on-one interview to review your CV usually with a director. It is important for you to really understand your own CV and to make sure you can back up your claims. Be prepared to talk about your soft and hard skills and give examples of how you used them.
  • Step 3: In the next stage you will be provided with 30 minutes to prepare a 10-minute presentation, which you will give to a panel of 8 people. In the preparation, period try to give some thought to questions the panel might ask.


While a one day intensive interview day will be exhausting, you will get a faster answer and will waste less time in the long run. Get a good night sleep beforehand and good luck.

Don’t wait until the last moment to prepare for your Lotte Department Store pre-hire exams and interviews.

Start Practicing!

Pre-Hire Tests

Here are a couple popular questions on the pre-hire exams you should expect to take during the Lotte hiring process.

Can you explain the aim of the logic test?

Logical reasoning, also called Deductive, Verbal or Inductive reasoning, tests the aptitude for drawing conclusions in a manner which requires critical thinking, and the ability to read and understand complicated texts. You can learn more about inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning test practice here. The Lotte logical reasoning exam will include the use of texts or charts from which you will have to analyze and draw conclusions from.

Why is English Language Test an important part of the process?

In any industry, but especially retail English is the international language, which is understood from across countries. You will need skills like Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling, and speech to be able to communicate with any customer in any location.

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