Jetstar Pilot Aptitude Test Practice

What You'll Get

  • 8 Talent Q-style Numerical Practice Tests
  • 8 Talent Q-style Verbal Practice Tests
  • 3 Talent Q-style Logical Practice Tests
  • 2 Talent Q-style Combined Practice Tests, which include numerical, verbal, and error checking sections
  • 2 full-length Saville-style Swift Comprehension practice tests + 5 additional Swift Comprehension drills
  • 3 full-length Saville-style Swift Analysis practice tests + 6 additional Swift Analysis drills
  • 3 full-length Saville-style Swift Diagrammatic Reasoning practice tests + 6 extra practice drills
  • 3 full-length Saville-style abstract reasoning test + 1 extra practice test
  • Personality test + customised reports + a detailed guide
  • Assessment centre preparation + case study + group exercise + role play practice
  • Video tutorials and study guides
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
  • Money-back guarantee - see Terms and Conditions 


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JobTestPrep offers you all the preparation resources you need to feel confident and fly through your Jetstar aptitude tests with 32 full-length practice tests, 18 additional practice drills, assessment centre preparation, interview practice, study guides and video tutorials.

What is the Jetstar Recruitment Process?

The pilot recruitment process at Jetstar typically involves the following stages:

  • Filling out an online application form with your CV
  • Completing psychometric aptitude tests online
  • A telephone interview  
  • Assessment centre - this includes activities such as a behavioural based interview, manual planning exercise or group activity and a simulator assessment. 
  • Reference checks
  • Management team review


What are the Jetstar Aptitude Tests?

When applying to Jetstar Airways for a pilot position, one of the early stages of the recruitment process is to complete various aptitude tests online, before you have even been invited for an interview. These aptitude tests will be from the test providers Talent Q or Saville, depending on which fleet you chose to apply for. The ability tests include four components made up of verbal, numerical and logical reasoning, in addition to a behavioural questionnaire. 

  • Talent Q assessment tests can include a range of ability tests from the Elements or the Aspects series. Within these series are ability tests including: numerical, verbal, logical and abstract reasoning tests, in addition to a personality test. The Talent Q Elements tests have between 12 to 15 questions each, and are known to be rather challenging, with a large number of answer options to choose from for each question. Talent Q tests are adaptive which means that as you progress through the test, the difficulty level changes and can become more difficult.
  • The personality test assesses your workplace behavioural style and preferences with multiple choice questions. 
  • Saville Consulting is one of the leading providers of candidate assessment tools. Saville's test series vary from other assessment companies with differences in the content (e.g. different types of questions) and the format (different time limits or number of questions). JobTestPrep has tailored its practice packs to simulate the exact tests Saville uses. 

How Can I Prepare for the Jetstar Aptitude Tests?

JobTestPrep offers you all the preparation resources you need to feel confident and fly through your Jetstar aptitude tests. Our Jetstar Pilots Assessment Test PrepPack™ is available online for immediate access so you can start preparing for your tests today.  

  • Talent Q Elements Tests - Getting familiar with the test is the first step to success and our experts have put together full-length Talent Q–style tests that you can practice under real time constraints. The detailed explanations, study guides, and video tutorials will help you improve your performance on the ability tests and learn useful solving tips on the way.
  • Saville Aptitude Tests - JobTestPrep has tailored its practice packs to simulate the exact tests Saville uses, with full-length practice tests simulating the actual Saville assessments. With score reports, detailed answer explanations and solving tips, our Saville-style practice tests will help you gain confidence and givr you the tools to succeed in your assessment test.
  • Personality Test Practice - prepare for the personality test with our full-length personality test practice, personalised and detailed score report and a comprehensive guide to the theory of personality tests. Although these resources are not specific to the Pilot personality test, they will give you an overview of the character traits that are often assessed and will teach you how to understand and approach the actual personality test.

Beat the competition and start preparing for your Jetstar pilot aptitude assessments today! 


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