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Brief Background on Groupe Auchan

Established in 1961, Groupe Auchan is France’s second largest food company. It has 750 supermarkets across France with 560 additional stores throughout the world. They gross over 10 billion USD a year and are family owned. The company prides itself on having a friendly vibe and commonly asks interview questions such as, “How do you feel about our store?” The goal is to enhance customers' in-store experiences.

Groupe Auchan’s Personality Test

Among the many exams that are administered by Groupe Auchan, a personality exam is quite common. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate a job candidate’s general aptitude for the applied position. Auchan wants to ensure you are a potentially good fit for their company. Furthermore, they want to predict that you will be a good prospect for the worker community. Through the exam, the employers will be able to cypher if you have good behaviour traits, steering away time-wasters and people who enjoy gossip.

Groupe Auchan’s Hiring Process

Auchan is very careful to hand-choice their employees. Thus, you will go through a series of testing and interviewing. The average application process length is just over two months. Although daunting, rest assure that all the filtering means one thing: you are about to enter an employee body of smart, caring people. Below is an outline of your future steps ahead:

  • Online CV Submission: Most people tended to apply on Auchan’s main website, but it is also possible to hand in your CV in person.
  • Video Interview: After applying for your chosen position. It is likely you will receive an email inviting you for a short video interview. The online video is well-done and caters to the applicant’s stress level. You will be asked a series of questions and will be requested to record and sent back replies.
  • Pre-Employment Testing: To further weed-out the candidates, Auchan will have you take an assessment test. This can cover abstract reasoning, verbal, numerical and more. If the store is happy with your test results, you will be called for an in-person interview.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: When you enter for your in-person interview, expect to be invited back again for another one. You likely will be questioned by a panel of managers and later upper-management.
  • Assessment Centre: Depending on the position you are applying for, it is possible that you will be asked to attend an Assessment Centre event. This day-long event will focus on group interviews as well as solo ones, exercises including group role-playing and scenario situations, further online testing and a more in-depth feel for Auchan by PowerPoint presentations.

Groupe Auchan's Interview Questions

As Groupe Auchan is a family owned business, they do not simply care about you being a perfect fit for the company but also look to see if you will upkeep their family-style atmosphere. Below are a few questions you may encounter during your upcoming interviews:

  • Tell us about your proudest project.
  • How do you view Auchan as a customer?
  • Where will you be in five years? Will your time with us help you succeed in the future?
Groupe Auchan Subsidiaries
Agapes S.A. Alcampo Alinea SAS ATAC LLC
Atak OOO Chronodrive SAS Companhia Portuguesa de Hipermercados Docks de France
Erregest S.p.A. Eurofind SA Fiordaliso S.p.A. High Tech Multicanal Group SA
Immochan Espana SA Immochan International SAS Oney Insurance Limited Petrovex SNC
Real, Hypermarket Ukraine LLC Schiever Polska Sp. z o o Simply Markets Societa Italianna Distribuzione Moderna S.p.A.
Zelaira Sa Zenor    

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