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The Hiring Process at Ferguson Enterprises

Depending on what you apply for, the hiring process can take up to 4 weeks. Apart from the specific tests, you’ll have to do, for your specific job, there are also a number of general tests that will be conducted to assess your other skills like:

  • Verbal and written knowledge of English
  • Organizational skills including the ability to prioritize workload.
  • Effective communications and customer service skills.


The Interviews at Ferguson Enterprises

There are several types of interviews at Ferguson Enterprises.

  • First, you will have a phone interview, which could lead to more phone interviews. These are done via the phone, where you cover your resume, talk about yourself and have basic behavioural questions
  • A group Interview. You may be required to participate in a group interview. In a group interview you, and up to 10 more people, will be asked questions, in turn, by multiple interviewers. Each candidate will be asked between 5-10 questions.
  • Lastly, you may have face-to-face interviews with up to three managers.


The Tests at Ferguson Enterprises

Besides some generic tests, you may come across these:

  • a verbal reasoning test. Verbal reasoning aims to introduce you to a higher level of reading comprehension tests. These tests contain passages followed by multiple-choice questions. You'll be asked to mark a single correct answer out of the available answer choices.
  • The Saville test (created by Willis Towers Watson) On this test, you are presented with numerical data in the form of tables and graphs, dual or single. After carefully analyzing the information, you must choose the correct answer from several different options. There are four questions per data set and you have less than one minute to answer each question.


Common Questions

  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with the actions or decisions of your manager or supervisor. How did you approach the situation? Was the situation resolved to your satisfaction or did nothing change?
  • Describe a conflict you were involved in at work. How did you resolve the conflict? What happened next with that coworker or team?
  • During your work experiences, tell me about a time when you demonstrated that you have the ability and desire to work effectively with your coworkers.

Imagine working in Ferguson Enterprises. Imagine what experience you may get from it. It would be a great opportunity for you. To start working there, however, you need to pass a rigorous hiring process. We are here to help you do that. Sign up for JobTestPrep and receive our preparation packs. Prepare and prevail!


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