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Prepare for CTBTO with JobTestPrep

How can you best prepare for your upcoming interview process at CTBTO? Know that you will face a series of interviews and pre-hire tests, which will necessitate considerable preparation from your side. JobTestPrep has developed a complete curriculum so you can become comfortable before the real deal.


Boost Your Chances of Success on Your CTBTO Test with JobTestPrep

It is becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for a job position. Companies are weeding unfitting job candidates out with meticulous care. Coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared leads to failure. Lest you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on your test, prepare for it with JobTestPrep’s resources. Purchase our materials and be welcomed on board of the company of your choice.


CTBTO Interview Process

In some cases, CTBTO prefers screening candidates using online test before a face-to-face interview (this may or may not be after passing an initial phone interview). In other cases, the test will take place after the CTBTO recruiters have met you and have been impressed by your persona and past work experience insights.

CTBTO Assessment Centre

The Assessment Center has lately gained popularity among employers as a more comprehensive method of evaluating job candidates. It presents a more sophisticated alternative to drawing a conclusion about applicants’ aptitude for the job based only their test results and impression made during interviews. Employers maintain that test results and interview impressions do not convey a just picture of applicants’ personalities and professional abilities. The Assessment Centre offers a deeper analysis of applicants, because it invites them to participate in a large variety of activities, from delivering a presentation in front of their peers to participating in group and simulation exercises and role playing. Qualities that assessors look for in candidates are abilities to communicate well, solve problems efficiently, think quickly, and inspire others with own example. While applicants are performing these activities, assessors are giving them points, which they sum up at the end of the event. Those who get more points are invited for an in-person interview with their prospective managers. If they are offered a job position, they can start negotiating for salaries.

How Is the Aptitude Test Scored?

There are no raw scores on the Aptitude Test; that is, your score will not be calculated according to the number of questions you got right. Your score will be calculated relatively to scores received by all people taking this test. If you receive, say, 78% for you Aptitude Test, this will not mean that you answered 78% of questions correctly. This will mean that you did better than 78% of applicants competing against you.

What Should I Expect on the CTBTO Verbal Reasoning Test?

On the Verbal Reasoning Test, you will be given a text to read followed by a set of statements, whose truth value you will need to evaluate on the basis of the information contained in it. If you agree with the statement, you will need to mark it as “True.” If you think that it claims something unsupported by the text, tick it off as “False.” Also note that a truth value of some statements will be impossible to identify due to the insufficiency of the given information. If this is the case, judge the statement as “Impossible to Say.”

What Should I Bring With Me To My CTBTO Face-To-Face Interview?

You should always be sure to have copies of your CV/ resume on hand during your CTBTO face-to-face interview, as well as copies of your list of references. Bringing along a notepad and pen to take any notes is also advised. A list of questions to your interviewer may also be brought along, so long as questions regarding salary are not included.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Pass My CTBTO Assessments & Interviews?

JobTestPrep offers dozens of comprehensive practice assessment tests and interview preparation materials to make sure that you are fully prepared throughout the duration of CTBTO’s recruitment process. Ample pre-employment assessment test and interview preparation will give you an advantage over the other CTBTO applicants.

What Questions Are Posed on the Phone Interview?

On the phone interview, you will mostly talk about your education, work experience, and career goals. An interviewer may tell you about the CTBTO, its business structure, and mission. You may also discuss your future role in the CTBTO and benefits you will get, if you become employed.

What Can I Expect During Assessment Day?

In addition to taking tests and personality assessments, you may also have a couple of preliminary interviews throughout the day as you hit various milestones. Moreover, you may be asked to prepare a short presentation on a predesignated subject, as well as taking part in group discussions, case studies and role play.


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