Humberside Firefighter Practice Tests

Applying for one of the Humberside Fire and Rescue jobs? JobTestPrep will help you succeed in your firefighter aptitude test, and get you familiarised with the Humberside fire service recruitment process. Start practising today: get access to hundreds of questions, answers and explanations, that helped dozens of applicants launch their fire service career.

Humberside Firefighter Practice Test
  • 2 Humberside FRS-Style Numerical Reasoning tests
  • 2 Humberside FRS-Style Mechanical Reasoning tests
  • 11 T/F/C tests
  • 18 additional numerical drills
  • 14 additional mechanical reasoning drills
  • 6 firefighter SJT’s + guide
  • A personality test + three guides
  • 30 single-trait drills
  • 9 study guides & video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions

This PrepPack™ has been designed especially to help candidates succeed in the Humberside Fire and Rescue recruitment process. In the package, there are full-length Humberside FRS-Style numerical, mechanical and verbal tests. In addition, we've included SJT (situational judgment tests) preparation, study guides, video tutorials and many additional drills.

Humberside Firefighter Recruitment Process

Part I

  • Job Preview: a self-selection questionnaire that will get you familiarised with the firefighter position, and will help you understand the real challenges and demands that occur during your daily work. After completing this part, you will be given the opportunity to quit the process.
  • Eligibility Screen: In order to be a firefighter, there are some basic requirements, such as age and license – you must be at least 18 years old and have a driving license. This part enables an initial filtering of the suitable candidates.

If you managed so far, you would continue to:

Part II

  • Behavioral Test: This assessment examines if you have the qualities needed to be a firefighter. You will be given different questions and problems such as Agree/Disagree statements; your communication skills will be assessed - how you manage with other workers and your service skills; some of the questions will be related to your problem-solving and decision-making attributes. You can prepare for all of these with the Personality exam and, perhaps, the situational judgment tests.
  • Verbal: This test examines your vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and analysis, by True/False/Cannot Say statements. To prepare for this part of the Humberside Fire and Rescue recruitment process, use our Verbal Reasoning PrepPack.
  • Numerical: This numerical reasoning exam evaluates how you understand and interpret numerical information, as well as your logical abilities. Presents True/False/Cannot say statements.
  • Mechanical: This part of the assessment tests your cognitive understanding of physical, mechanical and practical matters. For more mechanical questions visit our Mechanical Aptitude PrepPack.
  • Situational Judgment Test: You are presented with various situations, which often occur during the firefighters’ every-day job. You will be asked to rate the effectiveness of each one. You can find many situational judgment scenarios in our Firefighter SJT PrepPack.

Part III

  • Practical Selection Tests: These are practical tests where your physical abilities are measured. For that, there is a special fitness program that will help you prepare for these National Firefighter Selection Tests (NFSTs). This program is a training guide for 12 weeks, that includes detailed explanations of all the exercises needed: Aerobic, strength, muscular and so on.

The Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

Humberside Fire Brigade gives fire service to the area of what was the county of Humberside. The service headquarters are on the western outskirts of Hull, in Summergroves, Way near the boundary with Hessle. There are 31 fire stations, which are situated around the region: in East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull, North-east Lincolnshire, and North Lincolnshire. The administration and support services include Stores, IT, Health and Safety, Training and other relevant stuff.


If you are applying to the Humberside fire brigade, you should prepare for a long set of assessments. The assessments include interviews, firefighter aptitude tests, questionnaires, personality tests and more. JobTestPrep offers you various types of preparation materials to boost your performance in the Humberside Fire and Rescue recruitment process.