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BlueLinx Hiring Process Preparation

Making sure you excel on your pre-hire tests and interviews is what JobTestPrep is all about. From interviews to pre-hire exams like CEB's SHL numerical and verbal reasoning test, JobTestPrep will ensure you are in position to get the job of your dreams.

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BlueLinx Questions

A critical part of the hiring process that so many do not take into proper consideration is preparing for interview questions. Here are a number of questions to start getting that pre-interview motor running.

Critical Thinking

If you had to choose between raising or lowering process to boost overall revenue, what would you choose? This is a great example of thinking question because there are many angles from which you can draw an answer. Will lowering costs create greater customer satisfaction or will rising prices create a perception of greater customer value?

Communication Skills

Which is more effective - Communication via phone, email or face-to-face? Communication is all about understanding what to do in the present situation. Roll out a number of scenarios and explain how each option would be appropriate for that scenario or situation. For instance, if a customer is very angry it might be easier to send a soothing email and then talk when everyone calms down.

Confidentiality and Trustability

If you had to leave the office suddenly (fire alarm) and a number of sensitive documents were on your desk what would you do? Obviously, the right answer is to make sure you are safe, but the office will have procedures for such an eventuality. Suggest putting the documents in your briefcase and informing your supervisor that you are carrying them.

CEB's SHL Pre-Hire Exam

CEB's SHL Numerical Reasoning

Questions on the Verify Numerical Reasoning Test are presented in the form of graphs and charts. Only instructions to them are verbally formulated. To answer the test’s questions, you will need to perform calculations and then choose a correct answer among several alternatives. The test will consist of 18 questions, which must be completed in 25 minutes.

CEB's SHL Verbal Reasoning

You will be assessed on your ability to: follow instructions, comprehend verbal passages, show technical understanding, complete sentences, as well as various other verbal related tasks.


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