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About the Army Cognitive Test/Army BARB Test

The Army Cognitive Test is the very first aptitude test you will have to take at the Army Development and Selection Centre. The test, done on the MindMill online assessment platform, measures your mental ability to understand information and solve problems. You will be required to answer the questions as quickly and accurately as possible. The test is carried using a touchscreen computer and should take about 30 minutes. Afterwards, the computer automatically generates your General Trainability Index (GTI) score, based on the number of correct answers and time taken. The GTI score determines which army jobs are suitable for you. The higher you score, the more roles you will be able to choose from.

What Is Tested on the British Army BARB Test?

The Army Cognitive Test consists of five different tests:

Reasoning Test

This tests your logical abilities. You will be given statements about a certain relationship between two individuals. Then, you will be asked to make a deduction on the basis of that statement.

Letter Checking 

In this test, you will be presented with four pairs of upper and lowercase letters. In order to assess your perceptual speed, your job is to identify how many pairs contain the same letter as quickly as possible.

Number Distance

In this test, you will be given combinations of three numbers. In each question, you will have to decide which is furthest away from the middle number – the lower number, or the higher one?

Odd One Out

Here you will be presented with three words. Two of them will be similar in some way, and your job is to decide which word is the odd one out.

Symbol Rotation

This tests your ability to mentally rotate objects. You will be given two pairs of shapes. Then, you will have to decide the number of pairs in which the two shapes are essentially the same, by mentally rotating and comparing them.

Sample Questions

Below are five sample questions from our Army Cognitive Test practice database. Can you figure out the answers?

Question #1

Question #2

How many pairs contain the same letter (lower and uppercase)?

Question #3

Find the lowest and highest numbers. Figure out which one of them is furthest from the third, middle number.

Question #4

Which is the odd word out?

Question #5

How many of these two pairs (columns) contain the same shape?

Army Cognitive Test/BARB Test Scores

To pass the Army Cognitive Test, you need a GTI score of at least 26 points. The maximum points required for a role is 60. You should try your best to get the highest score you can in order to receive a variety of job opportunities.

To succeed in the Army Cognitive Test, you will have to find the balance between answering the questions in a methodical and accurate way, and working as quickly as possible. This could only be achieved by practice. Practise for your Army Cognitive Test with our tailor-made pack including question types found in the actual test.

What Other Aptitude Tests Do I Have to Take?

The Army Cognitive Test is one of three aptitude tests you will undergo during your assessment at the Army Development and Selection Centre. You should note that the Army Cognitive Test is the most important one, determining your GTI score and the roles available to you.

Once you have passed the Army Cognitive Test, your next two tests are the Literacy and Numeracy tests. Applicants eligible for consideration for a technical role will also be required to take the Technical Selection Test.

How Can We Help You?

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