Army Cognitive Test Online Practice [Updated]

The British Army Cognitive Test

The 30-minute army aptitude test, done on the MindMill online assessment system, is divided into five categories. Let’s take a brief look before we get into how JobTestPrep is going to help you prepare.

You will see in a moment how each segment of the test will stretch your cognitive abilities to their limit, to prove to the army that you possess the mental capacity for modern warfare.

Orientation: Each question is divided into two segments. In the first segment you will be provided with two statements regarding the color and direction of the arrow. The statements will disappear when you move on to stage two. In the second stage, you will see six different arrows, and you will be tasked with remembering the original statements.

Error Detection: The questions in this section can either be numbers, letter or symbols, or a combination of all three. After being shown the sequence you will be shown a mirror sequence containing up to four mistakes. Your task is to indicate how many errors are present in the second mirror sequence.

Number Fluency: This part of the test is purely number-based and examines your ability to find the greater sum between two different mathematical equations. Each mathematical equation is presented separately. In the last stage, you will see three buttons - top, bottom, and same. If the sum of the first equation was greater than the sum of the second, you would click "top" and vice a versa.

Word Rules: Each question will consist of three categories, followed by three images. You will have to decide which pictures relate to the category.

Deductive Reasoning: In this last potion, you will be asked a series of questions, each referencing two given facts. For instance, fire is hotter than a hot cup of coffee, while a volcano is hotter than a hot cup of coffee, so which is colder? The answer would be the cup of hot coffee.

Army Cognitive Test Scores

To pass the test, you need to score a minimum of 26, so anything below that will eliminate you from the assessment centre. However, you want to reach as close to possible to a 60, since this score will make any position open to you. You want to practice as much as possible to ensure that you can answer as quickly and accurately as possible.

How to Prepare for the Army Aptitude Test

To help you best prepare for the army cognitive test, JobTestPrep has developed a comprehensive and simulated practice exam which accurately represents the types of questions, format, and time frame that you will experience on the real test.

Our PrepPack™ includes extensive study guides, videos, and test simulations along with full answer explanations. Our materials are fully adaptable for mobile, laptop, and PC usage, providing you with full-on access anywhere.

Army Cognitive Test Free Practice Questions

Below you can find five sample questions from our Army Cognitive Test practice database, which resemble question types you will likely encounter on the actual test.

Bear in mind that it's a timed test, so you need to learn to answer the questions as fast as you can (and correctly, of course). And remember - the higher you score on the test, the more fascinating army positions will be available for you. test

Question #1


Question #2

How many pairs contain the same letter (lower and uppercase)?


Question #3

Find the lowest and highest numbers. Figure out which one of them is furthest from the third, middle number.


Question #4

Which is the odd word out?


Question #5

How many of these two pairs (columns) contain the same shape?

Passing the test doesn't have to be mission impossible 

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