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What Is the British ACT?

The 45-minute-long ACT, previously known as BARB, measures your soldier potential through problem-solving along with information processing tasks. It is divided into five aptitude tests, with each containing 30-60 questions with a 5-7.5-minute time limit: That's about 10 seconds per question!

The 5 categories of the ACT are:

  • Orientation
  • Error Detection
  • Number Fluency
  • Word Rules
  • Deductive Reasoning

Note: The ACT / BARB is part of the assessment process known as the Army Aptitude Test. This includes:

      • The Mandatory Army Cognitive Test which you can learn about and prepare for on this page.
      • The Optional Technical Selection Test designed to see if you are fit for technical roles.
      • The Numeracy & Literacy Tests, which are not mandatory if your Math and English GCSES grades fall between A to C (or equivalent exam results) respectively.


Army Cognitive Test Sample Questions


Number Fluency

Calculation 1: 6*9

Calculation 2: 7*8

 Here you must decide which calculation is greater- the top one, the bottom one, or if both are equal.

 Try it!

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

This part is about comparing the sums of two equations.
Each equation is presented separately, so you need to remember them.
Then, you need to choose between three answers:

    • Top if the first is greater than the second
    • Bottom if the second is greater than the first
    • Same if the two are equal



56 is greater than 54, so calculation 2 is greater than calculation 1- the correct answer is Bottom.


Word Rules

CATEGORIES: Colour Colour Colour

ITEMS: Pink Cyan Rope

Here you need to see if any items match the categories above them.

Try it!

How many items match the category above them?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Pink is a colour, Cyan is a colour, but Rope is not a colour- only two items match the rule. 


Deductive Reasoning

1. Phone call before email.

2. Letter after phone call.


You are shown two facts and then must answer a question based on them.
The answer needs to be according to the logic the two facts dictate.

Try it! Which is first?

phone call
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

We know the phone call is before both the email and letter, so it must be first.


On the day of the ACT, you will answer 200 of these questions with 10 seconds for each one.

The Army Cognitive Test PrepPack™ has an easy-to-use method or trick for every type of question, so you don't have to be anxious about your performance.



What Are Army Cognitive Test / BARB Passing Scores?

Role Description GTI (ACT Score) Minimum
Household Cavalry Crewman/Mounted Duty 44
The Rifles/Parachute Regiment (Junior Entry) 34
The Rifles/Parachute Regiment (Senior Entry) 26
Royal Artillery 38

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Where do I take the Army Cognitive Test?

The test is taken during your time in the assessment centre. Your recruiter may give you an online practice test beforehand to measure your chances, using the Mindmill Psychometric Assessment software.

What is Mindmill?

This platform is used for various organizations to attract, recruit, and test potential candidates - with the Army as one of its users. The British Army Cognitive Test is conducted on the Mindmill platform.

Is the Army Cognitive Test hard?

For some people, the ACT sample questions may appear easy. However, the test is considered hard because your timing is measured- you must stay quick and accurate throughout the test. The need to balance speed and accuracy together with the pressure of time can make getting a sufficient score difficult.

What do I need to know about the assessment process?

Before heading out, make sure you’re prepared for the role you want: Prepare for the ACT (and any other tests you need to take) by working on your fitness level. Additionally, remember the final interview which will require you to explain why the role you want is right for you. The army will provide you with train tickets and schedules, so make sure not to miss your train!

Once you reach the Centre, do not drink tea or coffee, as your heart rate and blood pressure will be measured during the medical test. This test also includes your hearing, sight, BMI, lung capacity, and flexibility. Afterwards, physical fitness tests and the ACT are performed, so make sure you’re prepared mentally and physically.

Once you complete the ACT, take any additional tests you need - Those who take the Numeracy & Literacy tests and the Technical Selection Test do so after the Army Cognitive Test.

How does COVID-19 affect the assessment process?

Not everyone is affected, but the Army will stay in contact with you if needed. You may be asked to give information regarding COVID-19 before you attend, so make sure you do so to avoid delays.


Can I join the British Army from a Commonwealth country?

Enlistment to the British Army has been open to the Commonwealth since 2018. However, The British Army does not currently accept applications from the Commonwealth due to COVID-19.


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